7 Reasons Why Building a New Home is Better Than Buying an Existing One

Congratulations on your decision to buy a home! You’re about to venture on a grand adventure of celebration, pride, and self-discovery. Buying a home is a form of celebration as it closes your old life and opens a brand new chapter where you own a home and take full control of everything. It will make you feel so proud as you’d tangibly have access to all your hard work and perseverance. You will also get to know yourself as you would make numerous decisions on a daily basis up until you move into your brand new home. You’d get to know what you truly need, want, and prefer when it comes to your own home. Of the many choices that you need to make, the most immediate one is this: do you prefer a newly built home or one that is already established. If you’re still confused about it, let us help you. This article will enlist the top seven reasons why building a new home is way better than buying an established one.

Building a new home is way better than buying an established one for the following reasons:

Reason #1: You Will Get Exactly What You Want.

This is the top reason why most homebuyers prefer building their own homes instead of buying an already existing one. Buying a new home is altogether a more fulfilling experience when you know that everything about it is personalized and customized to your liking. This is only possible if you’ve built your very own home. With building, you get a brand new blank slate. You’re free to do whatever you want and you get to be fully creative and adventurous all to your heart’s content. This is the very essence of having your own home in the first place — that you decide on everything across all endpoints.

Reason #2: You Will Get to Choose Excellent and Trustworthy Contractors.

This is your home that we’re talking about so you need to ensure that every single thing is of excellent quality. You will only get to secure this disposition if you’d build your brand new home from scratch. With such a decision, you’d get to work with professionals, such as general contractors in Sacramento, architects, and engineers that you fully trust. You will get to do your own intensive research on companies that can truly showcase excellent projects and stellar workmanship. This is a grand investment so you need to make sure that all your acts and decisions are worth every penny. If you’re looking for WA home builders that you can fully trust, you should check out Residential Building WA.

Reason #3: Your House Will No Longer Need to Undergo Renovations.

With a newly built home that is fully customized to your lifestyle and liking, you’d no longer have to worry about having anything renovated. The problem with established homes is that they cater to the needs of their previous owners. As you and its previous owners are very much unique individuals, there will be aspects and factors in an established home that you’d find iffy and uncomfortable. Such won’t make you feel good and will push you to renovate. Such renovation will lead to extra costs and you wouldn’t want that. To avoid renovation altogether, just simply choose to build a brand new home.


Reason #4:  You Will Have No Problem When It Comes to Maintenance.

New homes don’t need extensive and complicated maintenance. This is the case because everything is brand new and up to date. Such is not the case with established homes. Established homes have been around for months, if not years. You can’t be sure if all its utilities and circuits are energy-efficient and sustainable.

Reason #5: You Will Pay Less Stamp Duty.

Stamp duty is something that you’d have to deal with when buying your own home. The good thing with buying a brand new one is you’d get to pay less. This is the case because you’d have to pay for both the land and the built house if you’d buy an established home. If you’d build a brand new home though, you’d only have to pay for stamp duty on the land itself. You’d get to save thousands of dollars on stamp duty if you’d opt to build your home from scratch.

Reason #6: You Will Reap Numerous Government Incentives.

The Australian government is extra helpful when it comes to first-time home buyers. In WA, residents who want to buy their own homes for the very first time get to receive $100,000 in grants from the government’s First Home Owner Grant Scheme. Such a grant can be used for the purchase of your newly built home. This is the reason why more and more Australians are now opting to buy homes of their own.

Reason#7: You Will Have a High Level of Satisfaction.

Nothing beats the level of satisfaction that owning a newly built home can bring. Everything will feel sweeter and more fulfilling because you know that you worked hard for everything and built everything from scratch. Such a level of satisfaction will leak through all aspects of your life and make you a better person. You will be more intentional in all your actions as you will fully understand the essence and meaning of perseverance, grit, and hard work. Building a brand new home should be your choice if you’re ready to transform your life.

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