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Bad Bathroom Odours? Here Is How You Can Deal With It!

Bad Bathroom Odours? Here Is How You Can Deal With It!

Having a bad smell in your bathroom might indicate that something is wrong with your plumbing. Pong is an easy-to-fix plumbing issue that can quickly escalate into a much more expensive repair. Ignore it at your risk. It’s also dangerous to breathe in noxious odours. Before contacting a local plumber, try these simple fixes first.

The u-bend

A dried-out u-bend may be the cause of an unpleasant odour in certain cases. U-bends in the plumbing for your sink and shower prevent odours and filth from re-entering your bathroom by keeping water in the pipes. Bad odours might resurface from the waste system if it dries up, probably due to infrequent usage. The first thing to do if you notice a bad smell coming from your bathroom drain is to flush the u-bend with a couple of buckets of water.

The pipes are clogged up

A build-up of residue may be the source of the scent if this doesn’t work. Hair, dead skin, exfoliating gels, and other bath and shower cosmetic items may become stuck in the pipes, slowing down the flow of water and generating an unpleasant odour. Using a drain cover to avoid hair clogs is a good idea to keep your drains clear of oil and debris. The bottle trap under a sink unit may be blocked with garbage. To clean it, just undo the screw and run water through it.

Drains that are clogged

If your drains are clogged, don’t use a chemical unblocked right away. A plunger or a snake should be used as the first line of defence. To unblock a plug hole, a snake-like metal strip is inserted. Biodegradable unblocks are less harsh on pipes, yet they may still be needed in the event of a clogged drain. Keep the restroom well-ventilated and follow the directions to the letter. Do not try to repair your clogged pipes without first informing your plumber that you’ve used a chemical on them since doing so might be harmful.

Still, have that bad smell?

Attempting to fix the issue on your own is a bad idea if you haven’t been able to eliminate it. Due to health and safety concerns, there are plumbing rules in place, so if your job results in damage or an unsafe situation, you might be penalised significantly. Alternatively, tree roots may have penetrated a damaged pipe, necessitating a thorough cleaning and repair of that section of pipes. Because of back siphonage, wastewater may have flowed backwards. You can be certain that the plumber has all the tools required to find the cause of the issue and fix it properly.

Keep the number of a trustworthy local plumber handy, preferably one with a 24-hour call-out service and a list of delighted clients who are eager to provide referrals. Knowing who to contact in case of an emergency as well as a more normal job is beneficial.

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