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How to Renovate Your Bathroom?

How to Renovate Your Bathroom?

Though the bathroom is the tiniest part of a house, you can do a lot of things out of it. Many homeowners choose to remodel the space from its flooring, paint, and cabinets that can be added. The whole process will be faster than renovating a bedroom or a kitchen and is also less expensive.

If this is your first time doing a bathroom makeover, some tips can help in the rest of this post. A well-designed bathroom will benefit the household, especially in terms of comfort and convenience. This particular area of the house is used most of the time so enhancing its features is crucial.

Tips on Remodeling Bathrooms

By following the tips below you can build a bathroom that is both attractive and hygienic. Perhaps this is the best time to invest in quality materials to start renovating your bathroom. Without further ado, read on the cost-friendly tips!

1. Proper Lighting

People love to see their faces in the mirror so fixing the lights of the bathroom is important. Designers often suggest using a dim light to focus on a single spot. This is usually installed on the ceiling with a dimmer switch to add up a calm ambiance. However, you can consider setting a light around the mirror for better visuals but this is not always necessary.

Overall, lighting up a bathroom plays a vital role to meet every need and also for better safety.

2. Pick The Right Color Palette

The color of the bathroom will affect its size wherein darker shades can make the room look smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors are best for bathrooms to appear bigger and wider. It can be either white or off-white. This applies to the fixtures like toilets and bathtubs to achieve a good-looking restroom.

So, if you have a small bathroom, you can adjust the room size by choosing light color palettes. Same with larger room sizes.

3. Flooring Design

While solid wood flooring and carpet are good, it is not among the best choices for the bathroom. It looks great, however, not safe for a place that often gets wet which could lead to accidents. Choosing the proper materials for the flooring matters because the wrong ones may easily be damaged by moisture.

Here is a shortlist of flooring suitable for bathrooms that you can consider:

4. Laminate Flooring

The laminate material is better than solid wood in fighting against moisture. It is waterproof and easy to install and clean.

5. Natural Stone Flooring

This is a durable choice but at a higher price. It is unlike other stones, such as marble and limestone that can be prone to moisture. Additionally, it requires experts to install this flooring type.

6. Vinyl Flooring

Of all the possible flooring options, vinyl material is 100% waterproof. It is ideal for overused bathrooms as the material can be replaced easily. It may form bumps over time but is very affordable to buy a new one.

7. Invest in Built-In Storages

Since most of the bathrooms are tight, one way to maximize space is to install built-in fixtures. Use the walls to store soap, shampoos, and other toilet essentials. The ceiling light could also take up so much space and so a recessed light is a good remedy. Built-in cabinets also help to modify the size of the bathroom instead of separate fixtures.

8. Add Ventilation

It is important to have proper ventilation in the bathroom for added comfort. An exhaust fan is a great tool to maintain airflow in the room, however, the tool can be too noisy. Therefore, you must consider two things when buying an exhaust fan – the capacity and noise level.

Putting on plants can boost healthier air quality inside the bathroom. It adds up life and a cozy feeling too.

9. More Mirrors

The second most important thing in the bathroom is a mirror, next to the toilet. It has to do with the lighting as well when the mirror is positioned in proper places. Some households prefer adding a secondary mirror on the wall for better aesthetics.

10. Arrange Freestanding Fixtures 

For bigger bathrooms, freestanding elements are a good addition to enhance the area. These are movable fixtures, like a clothing hamper that you can remove at any time. Its purpose is to meet practical needs which also benefits the overall design of the bathroom.

11. Increase Hang Items

You cannot just lay down a towel or clothes on any surface while taking a bath. It is more hygienic to hang them on hooks because this also prevents them from getting wet. Install hooks at the back of the door or on unused high surfaces.

Choose to Hire Tilers

A lot of bathroom designers prefer using tiles due to their grat durability. To hire the best tilers is a fine option for they know exactly which material suits your bathroom. They can guarantee perfection and long-lasting flooring at a reasonable cost. The tiling job is not limited to bathroom areas but also other sections of the house, such as the kitchen. It also repairs leaking showers and provides more types of services relevant to your requests.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, remodeling a bathroom is nothing fancy with the right materials. Asking a professional’s advice on how to make your bathroom look better can help to renovate the area quickly and cost-effective. Experts know the correct fixtures you can add up to your bathroom, and also the things to avoid.

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