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Kosmo One – Kosmo One Park Is One of The Iconic Tech Parks In Chennai.

Kosmo One – Kosmo One Park Is One of The Iconic Tech Parks In Chennai.

About Kosmo One

Owning a suitable office space that is away from all the hustle of the city is essential. You cannot be working on something as important as your dream and have your employees go through a disturbing or uncomfortable environment daily. Finding the right office space in Chennai can be quite a task, and we are here to help you find your dream office space.

Location of Kosmo One

Speaking about dream office spaces, your dream of having your own elegant office space is not too far. Kosmo One Chennai has a collection of the sleekest office spaces available for lease. Built-in 2006, Kosmo One is just about 17 kilometres away from the Chennai airport. This beautiful project was undertaken and developed by India Bulls. Admittedly, they have done an excellent job of providing those looking for office space with the best of the facilities.

Finding the right office place is not an easy task. The right office space has to benefit the bare minimum, such as privacy, location, commute, cafeterias, etc. Most importantly, the right office space has to also fit within one’s budget.

Kosmo One provides its users with the benefit of in-house parking, several places for leisure, and located at such a place where transport is not an issue.

There are several ready to move in rental properties available at Kosmo One IT park Chennai. If you are looking for office space, Kosmo One in Hyderabad has a collection of the best office spaces one could ask. This luxurious and peaceful place offers the perfect place to set up their office and work on their dream. There are also various places that people can visit for food nearby.

Kosmo One is a 13-storey building and provides space for various companies. Your workplace should be one with less disturbance, spacious and, most importantly, a comfortable work environment.

Rental Properties Kosmo One

There are office spaces available at Kosmo One that are unfurnished and fully furnished and are available for lease at a price range between Rs. 65000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

Facilities/ Amenities in Kosmo One

This 13-storey building provides its people with amenities such as power backup, central air conditioning, and house parking.

Chennai International Airport is a distance of 16.8 kilometres away from the Kosmo One. Hotel Raintree (4 stars) is at a distance of 14.1 kilometres away, and restaurants are at a distance of about one to two kilometres away from here.

If you are looking for office space in Chennai, Kosmo One has all the added benefits of a convenient location and good infrastructure that come along with it.

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