Paint Your Home’s Exterior: 5 Benefits

The value of your home can be increased in a number of ways; for instance, upgrading the windows can save you money on energy bills, and a kitchen renovation can gain you both form and function for your home. Fresh paint may seem like a superficial or trivial improvement when considering the possibilities. Nonetheless, painting the exterior of your home can provide some logistic benefits.

Why Painting Is Important

Adding paint to your home will not only improve its aesthetic appeal but also add functionality. You can implement some of these right away, improving the quality of your home, while others can be accumulated over time to reduce costs.

The benefits of painting the exterior of your home are many when you decide to upgrade your home.

1. Better aesthetics

Your first home may have been decorated differently, or you may have hated the color! After several years of the same color (and even if you love it even more now), you may be ready to change. House painters can add an aesthetic value that goes far beyond basic color choices; you’ll see something new when you drive up to the driveway. Paint can revive your siding, giving your entire house a new look.

2. Increased home value objectively

Your recent painting job can have a significant effect on the value of your home when an appraiser comes to assess it. Remodeling the kitchen, for example, offers only an average 80 percent return on investment. So, a home would only gain an average of $8,000 in value from a $10,000 kitchen makeover. 141 percent is the return on investment for exterior painting, on the other hand. Painting a house for $1,000 can result in an increase in value of $1,400, or $400 more than the job itself paid for.

3. Increased curb appeal

Top 7 Benefits of Repainting Your Home's Exterior | Don's Bay Area Painting

It’s not just about you; paint can greatly increase curb appeal if you’re interested in selling your house. Curb appeal is independent of both home value and personal appeal (though those factors are important); rather, curb appeal is solely about how you present your home to a prospective buyer. You want them to be more inclined to venture inside and learn more details if they like the exterior. It’s like getting a foot in the door for a potential sale.

4. Increased protection from the elements

Your home can suffer from nature’s harsh elements. There are many elements that could damage your home, including rain, wind, sleet, snow, insects, and fire. But the right paint can resist nearly all of these (to some extent). Painting your home’s siding is like applying a protective, shield-like coating. Mold and mildew damage is preventable through preventing moisture from penetrating your home. By doing so you are giving yourself an additional layer of protection from direct precipitation. By doing so you are preventing insects from getting into your home.

5. Identifying insect damage before it occurs

It is crucial to identify termite damage (and address it) proactively if you wish to avoid costly foundation repairs caused by insects. Before you paint your home’s siding, you should check for signs of insect damage early. Also, painting your siding can help stop infestations in their tracks.

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