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Reasons You Never Knew Can Cause A Missing Shingle

Reasons You Never Knew Can Cause A Missing Shingle

Living in canton Michigan and not seeing a missing shingle of your or neighbor’s house? Not even a possibility. Missing shingle canton Michigan is a pair. Probably it’s a nightmare for many of you. It’s the last thing you want to see in your home. Its repair is time taking and heavy on pocket. If you neglect this, your house will eventually need roof replacement or repair. So the right thing to don’t ignore it, understand what a missing shingle means, what causes damage to a shingle. Sooner the better. To avoid bigger and expensive roofing problems, you have to know its causes and solutions. Here we brought few notable reasons that can contribute towards missing shingle.


The biggest and common reason that a shingle goes missing from home roof is the time your house-made. It must be made long ago. Age matters. The age of your shingles plays a role when it comes to the protection required before repair. The home roof takes quite a beating over its lifespan.

When you must seek professional advice? If your home is built 20 years ago, missing shingles is a sign that the roof requires attention. Right time to consult roofing professionals. The best way to tackle this issue is by replacing a roof. Shingle require replacement after 20 years. If you are deciding to replace the roof, you must consider using material that comes with a warranty. There are many brands available out there who enjoy the repute of offering high quality and your home is over 20 years old, missing shingles are an indication that it’s time to call a roof warranty. You must take a look at them for roof replacement so you may not end up investing at a wrong place.


Storms are not the only destruction for human but homes also. Post-storm, you might find a missing shingle. Sometimes you may not even notice missing one until there are many. In the case of homes that build long ago and currently have missing shingles, it’s possible that it underwent the destruction of storm and sustained. It’s common to get a roof damaged during the storm but many times we note it years after as the damage wasn’t apparent during the storm. Hail, storm, high winds, and heavy rain, these are few weather or climate factors that can lead to damaged roof or missing shingles. You must call roofing experts if you feel drainage or leak from the roof. A missing shingle? Call the professional to seek help regarding storm restoration. There are construction companies that offer insurance for roofing damage done by the storm. Check out options to find your benefit. Also, that will help you educate yourself regarding the needs and solutions of roof restoration.

Wrong Installation

Didn’t researched well while implanting a roof or saved a few pennies that are costing you now? Missing shingles can also be a sign of faulty installation. If you had you the roof replaced recently and seeing missing shingle again. It’s a red flag because you shouldn’t be seeing one immediately after a replacement. The cause is serious. The installers or contractors didn’t use the right or high-quality material. To mitigate these risks, you must invite a licensed roofer to take a look and do the favor of saving your and your’s roof’s life.

As, if something is costing your life, it’s not worth experiencing.

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