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Categories of new safes models

You can buy new safe models from 20 different types. New safe models are specially designed according to the demand of customers. Brand new and used safes for sell are under different labels and their price varies as well. New safes are also prepared according to order placed by the customer. We also provide all the new arrivals to the customers directly that haven’t reached our showroom yet.

 Categories of used safe models

We offer 28 different categories of used safe models. You can select the safe that is most suitable to you from these categories. Used safe models are collected from various parts of the world and reconditioned. These safes are sell to customers on low prices as compared to the prices of brand new safes that are a bit expensive.  You can also place your order according to the budget you have in mind. You can attain security without spending large some of money

Selection criteria

Security is the right of every person. Therefore we provide products according to different criteria of valuable customers.We have large sum of different types of new safes and similarly various types of used safes in tremendous categories. We sell commercial safes that serve explicitly on commercial level.Safes that are installed in business settings are different from other safes as these are required to protect important and confidential documents. Similarly safes installed in homes are different than the ones that are used in jewelry shops. Safes are manufactured according to their use.  Therefore customers have selection criteria according to their need. Safes are prepared keeping in mind the hazard of fire breakout or burglary, etc. so customers can choose keeping in mind what security problem they can have and which safe can serves better in difficult circumstances.

Nationwide shipment

We provide safes to locals of Down Town Los Angeles as our showroom is located here. Other locality customers can facilitate from our services by placing order online. They can receive shipment but this may take some time as depending upon their locality. We respect our customers and value their responses. Our valuable customers can contact us through the customer service we offer. We provide maintenances services and also provide instructions about the operating system of the safes we deliver. You can also inquire if you want to move the safe to a different set up or place.

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