10 Reasons Why Area Rug Is Common In USA

Area Rugs may seem just home decor pieces to many, but they play significant roles when placed in homes, and that’s why area rugs are standard in the USA. When you decide to redecorate your homes but don’t want them to be wholly transformed, an area rug is something you can add to the space. An area rug fulfills various purposes than being just a home décor element.

Some of the reasons that make area rugs familiar in the USA have been detailed here,

So let’s dive in!

Adds Warmth to the Space

Area Rugs keep the spaces warm and cozy. Walking on those hard floorings in chilly winters can be daunting. Place an area rug in your living room, large enough to have your feet on while sitting on the couch to avoid the cold hard floors. Have a shaggy area rug for your bedroom to steer clear of the hard flooring every morning while coming out of the bed.



Area Rugs make the places welcoming and comfortable. After you are back from work or want to relax after the day’s household chores, what can be more comforting than dipping your feet in a plush area rug? It will help you eliminate fatigue and provide you with a layer under the foot while resting on the chair or the couch.

Rugs Help Protect the Floors


Adding floor covering to your interiors can protect delicate floors like hardwood or concrete from any damage. Especially if you fall something heavy, it might scratch or even crack the bases (foundations). Again cleaning the rug will be simpler than repairing and maintaining the floor. So protecting those pricey floorings is another reason that makes area rugs familiar in the USA.

Contrasting Effects

Got bored of the single-colored walls all around? Add an area rug to the décor. It will give your space the lacking liveliness with contrasting effects. Some of the trends in interior décor are placing the hair-on-hide rug from the MAT Living Collection to the minimalist interiors.


Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal

While adding an area rug to the living area becomes the focal point making the space vibrant. With the quirky walls, add a Moroccan rug for the balance, and having a neutral theme calls for a multi-color rug. You can also experiment with whatever is trending regarding rugs, which is not possible with hardwood floors.

Noise Reduction


Area rugs make the spaces soundproof. Area Rugs placed in the children’s room will reduce the noise while the kids are playing, running, and dropping toys. To avoid echoing and sound transfer, one can place an area rug in the bedroom for further privacy. Sometimes when the rooms have fewer elements, echoing can be a problem, and area rugs are a solution as they prevent echoing.

Harbors the Room Together

A rug in larger spaces keeps all the elements in the room together. Whether it is the furnishings or the wall décor, an area rug will tie it all, creating the ambiance for the family and the guests. If you add sofas and a center table in the hall that do not coincide, place an area rug beneath the furnishings to make it all subtle.


Helps Define Spaces

The living cum dining area trends have popularized area rugs for defining spaces. A large area rug placed beneath the dining table occupying all the chairs elucidates the eating area. Putting a darker shade of carpet will also save you from frequent spill cleaning, as the rugs can absorb most liquids without bothering you.

Grounding Aspect


Without area rugs, the furniture may appear to be floating and unbalanced. But once a rug is laid, it adds a grounding aspect to the space. For the room to feel grounded, you should always have a rug large enough that the primary furniture is all over the rug, or at least the front legs of the table must be on the carpet.

Make it Safer for Kids

Area Rugs make places safer and pleasant, especially when you have kids. Homes that have kids must be decorated with floor coverings. While kids are running and playing, they are sure to slip, but they won’t get hurt with a rug already placed. From a safety point of view, one must put area rugs or runners in the entryways and the hallways as they are most prone to slips.

After going through some of the excellent benefits of having area rugs, buy one for your living space from MAT Living.

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