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Owning a car comes with many responsibilities because a lot can go wrong when you’re driving around in your car. Not only do you have to keep road safety rules in mind, but you also have to take your car in for routine checks to make sure it won’t break down in the middle of the road.

But one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you as a car owner is getting locked out of your car, especially on days when you’re already in a hurry to get somewhere. If you don’t have a spare key at hand, there isn’t much you can do once you’ve shut the car door and realized that you’ve left your car keys hanging in the ignition.

If you can’t afford to show up late to work or you’re stranded in a parking space miles away from home, getting locked out of your car can easily ruin your day. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five tips you need to know to make sure you never get locked out of your car again.

1.     Get into the Habit of Checking Your Keys

The first and important thing you need to do is get into the habit of checking if you have your keys every time you’re about to step out of your car.

A common mistake people make is putting their car keys on the seat as it’s easier to forget about them when their rushing to make it to a meeting or family event. Always try to keep them somewhere safe like your pocket or a purse you carry everywhere once you’ve removed them from the ignition.

Try to follow the same routine every time you get into your car or you’re about to exit. Over time, your routine will form into a habit and you’ll start checking if you have your car keys when you’re leaving your car.

Here’s a tip: Try using a brightly colored key chain as it will help you keep track of your keys. Other items you can use include charms, lanyards, and small decorative items.

2.     Carry Lock Picks

You can always teach yourself how to pick locks, as this way, you won’t ever have to worry about being locked out of your car again. It’s advisable to keep a lock pick set with you to make sure you’re always prepared. Don’t forget to check your local and state lock pick locks first to determine if you’re allowed to carry lock picks.

3.     Use the Fob on the Key to Lock the Door

One simple and easy way to avoid locking your car keys inside your car is to only use the fob to lock the door. Every time you lock or unlock the car door, use the buttons on the key. When you have your keys in your hands at all times, you’ll be less likely to leave them behind on the car seat.

4.     Get Spare Keys Made

One of the best options you can try to prevent getting lock out of your vehicle is to get spare keys made. If you have a regular key that doesn’t come with a fob or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification chip, you can easily get a spare key made at your local hardware store.

Getting a duplicate made for keys with RFIDs and fobs, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. Get in touch with your local dealership to get a spare key made. It’s important to note that it’s not as simple as having spare keys made. You also need to make sure they’re always easily accessible to you in case you’ve left your keys inside your car again.

A great place to keep your spare keys is somewhere on the outside of your vehicle safely hidden from view. You can keep it inside a magnetic box and carefully place it in an inconspicuous area where no one would think of looking. There are many products you can choose from that are designed specifically for this purpose.

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5.     Try a Carabiner or a Wristband

There are many tools and accessories you can use to make sure you never leave your keys behind. Try using a carabiner, an oblong metal ring that has one spring-hinged side, to clip your keys to your purse strap or your belt loop.

You can also attach a wristband to your keychain. This way, you won’t even have to actively remember to keep your keys somewhere safe, they’ll automatically go to their designated place. To have an additional option, you can try adding a wristband to your carabiner.

Call a 24/7 Car Locksmith

If you’re stranded somewhere, left your car keys inside your car, and don’t have access to your spare key, there isn’t much you can do other than get help from a 24/7 car locksmith. Add their number to your contacts to make sure you’re able to seek their assistance without further delay.

Final Words

If you take steps to check your car keys every time you step inside or exit your car and have a backup plan in place in case of lost or broken car keys, you’ll be able to reduce the frustration of getting locked outside your car and get where you’re planning to go sooner.

It’s also necessary for you to think about all the flaws in your car security system and find a strategy that doesn’t involve lowering your security just to avoid getting locked out of your car. Think about all the precautions you need to take before coming up with a practical and effective solution.

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