Living Room

It can be challenging to make your living room look spacious, especially if you live in a home where there isn’t much elbow room to breathe. Another greater task is to keep it organized and clutter-free. Your living room should be welcoming, not a ground of chaos.

The good news is you can create more space, or at least the illusion of more room, in your living room! Read these seven ways to make your living room look bigger.

Scale Down Your Furniture

You might think that smaller furniture pieces will be suitable for a cozier living room. While that may be partially true, having too many small furniture will make your living room look cluttered and crowded. Play with scale so you can tell whether a sofa or a table works well in your living room’s layout. For example, if the pieces of furniture go beyond the space’s boundaries, then it is too large, meaning you will have to scale it down until you find the most suitable piece.

Keep Furniture off Your Walls

As tempting as it is to push all your furniture to the walls to create more room at the center, doing so just gives you a lot of space that won’t be maximized. Instead, keep your seating closer to the center table, like how some model rooms in Phirst Park Homes are arranged. Add a rug to make the room look cozier. Seeing space between your furniture and walls tricks your eye into thinking your living room is more spacious. Wall art will add significant coziness to your living room, a correctly selected artwork to the color of your walls will perfectly fit into your interior. We encourage you to check out these decor tips from professional design designers from Elephant Stock, to find out the article please click here.

Use Light Colors for Your Walls

Light colors such as whites, creams, pastels, and muted hues help distribute natural light all over the room. A brighter place creates a refreshing feeling for you and your guests. Light also creates the illusion of a larger space.

Let The Light In

Open your windows to let all the beautiful light inside. If you have curtains or drapes, opt for sheer, lighter fabrics as dark and heavy ones tend to make the room darker and cozier. You want your living room to glow and look welcoming as much as possible.

Add A Mirror Or Two

Mirrors are fantastic decorative pieces that add sophistication and style to your living room. They also create the illusion of a bigger space by reflecting the view. Mirrors also help bounce light in your living room, fostering a sense of openness and more freedom.

Mount Shelves Close To The Ceiling

Living Room

You’re probably aware that vertical storage helps you organize while giving you elbow room to move. If you plan to mount shelves on your wall, hang them near the ceiling. Doing so draws your eyes upward, making your living room look taller. The emptiness below the shelves also tricks you into seeing more space.

Go Minimalist

As the saying goes, “less is more.” Opt for less decor, plain neutrals, and simple yet elegant furniture pieces to achieve minimalism in your living room. Going for a minimalist look is a great opportunity to get sets of furniture that have secret storage. You’ll get to keep your beloved trinkets hidden and organized while keeping your living room tidy, fresh, and looking bigger.

When expanding space in any room of your house, the trick is to be disciplined in choosing what items work best for your layout and keeping your space clutter-free and open. Start with these seven helpful tips to make your living room a den of warmth and joy.

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