A Guide On How To Tell If Your Sump Pump Is Working Or Not

A sump pump is a device that pumps water from a basement or cellar to the ground. It is usually installed in homes built on sloping land. In addition, commercial buildings can have sump pumps where flooding could cause significant harm. The following guide will aid you in recognizing what to look for and provide valuable tips for your sump pump maintenance routine.


The most unsophisticated way to tell if your sump pump is working is by the sound it makes. A properly functioning sump pump usually emits a rhythmic thumping noise, which means water has been pumped out of the cellar and into the ground. You can check this by going down to your basement or cellar and listening for any loud noises.

If your sump pump seems to be emitting a slow gurgling noise, this usually indicates an issue with the water intake valve. You should therefore look at it right away and contact a professional from 58 Foundations.

Any noises emitted by the sump pimp might mean something is wrong with the mechanical or electrical components. On the other hand, a clogged water discharge pipe may generate burbling sounds.

Water Discharge Pipe

If you notice that the water discharge pipe is full of standing, dirty, or stagnant water, then your sump pump might not be working correctly.

A clogged outlet will cause it to back up and overflow, creating a mess down below. If there are no other signs present, this might be an issue you can fix yourself. Signs that indicate a problem that needs professional help include a loud sound when the sump pump runs or pooling water in your basement.

When clearing out any standing water, remember to wear proper safety gear such as gloves and goggles. Such a move helps you avoid coming into contact with contaminants that could harm you.

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Voltage Meter Test

If there are no clear issues with the sound or water discharge pipe, use a voltage meter. It helps you determine if the sump pump is functioning.

With both power supply lines disconnected from the outlet panel, place one probe on each wire terminal. You should then see if there is any reading. If either of the wires shows voltage, then the sump pump is in working order.

If nothing shows up on your meter’s display, it could signify that something is wrong with the connection. It could mean one of the wires has been cut, or there is a problem with the power output to the device.

A sump pump battery backup can be an effective way to ensure that your sump pump works in the event of a blackout. A sump pump with one installed is often more reliable than one without. However, the pump is not immune from malfunctions.

A simple test such as those described above could prevent basement flooding in your home. Sump pumps are meant to run for more than a decade. However, this lifespan is affected by many factors, including the frequency of maintenance. If you lack a backup sump pump, consider conducting regular maintenance and checks before it stops working.

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