Carpet Cleaning 101: How to Clean Different Carpets Types and Tools You Can Use

Your carpet needs regular care. It gets exposed to dirt and dust on a daily basis so you need to make an effort to make it fresh, clean, and pristine. Maintaining it properly can make it last for more years to come. But do you even know how to clean your carpet properly?

To make carpet maintenance easy and hassle-free for you, we’d explain basic carpet cleaning concepts that you need to understand. In this post, we’d discuss:

  • different carpet types
  • ways to clean different carpet types
  • essential carpet cleaning tools

Knowing the following will make you more equipped in keeping your carpet as good as brand new.

5 Different Types of Carpets and How to Clean Them

  1. Shag Carpet

Shag rugs are perfect room accents because they easily stand out. They have an untidy appearance that adds more texture and dimension to any space.

How To Clean A Shag Carpet?

It is best to always vacuum the dust off of shag carpets to help them maintain their fluff and vibrance.

  1. Polyester Carpet

A polyester carpet is waterproof. It is made of material that can repel liquids.

How To Clean A Polyester Carpet?

It is very easy to maintain polyester carpets as they don’t get easily moist. For maintenance, one can easily clean polyester carpets with water that has a bit of mild detergent. A clean sponge should always be used right after to remove the remaining detergent residue.

  1. Cut-loop Carpet

This type of carpet has looped threads combined with cut fibers. The combination of the two materials creates a special effect by following a structured pattern.

How To Clean A Cut-Loop Carpet?

Given that cut-loop carpets have twisted and looped materials that can easily store dirt, water, and stains, one should always have them steam cleaned.

  1. Plush Pile

A plush pile is a highly durable kind of carpet. It can last for many years and does not need meticulous regular maintenance. This is the case because it is not made of materials with varying needs. It is a cut-pile carpet with yarns that are exactly the same length. Such a mechanism creates a carpet that is almost velvety in look and feel. Plush pile carpets are very soft. They can easily give off a formal look to any space.

How To Clean A Plush Pile?

Regular thumping or shaking is highly advised when cleaning a plush pile carpet. No intense cleaning is required if a plush pile carpet is not yet discoloured. Owners of plush pile carpets can also use dry shampoo to revive their appearance.

  1. Loop Pile Carpet

A loop pile carpet is also a highly durable kind of carpet that can be used on all parts of one’s home. Ones with low and densely woven loop designs are the most versatile when it comes to fitting different home spaces. Its textured look is created by looping synthetic fibers or strands of wool. This mechanism makes this carpet more prone to retaining dirt, stains, and water.

How To Clean A Loop Pile Carpet?

Regular consistent cleaning and vacuuming are highly advised for loop pile carpets. They need to undergo professional cleaning at least once a year.

5 Essential Tools for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning will be easy and hassle-free if you have the following essential materials:


  1. Cloth

Cloth is an essential carpet cleaning tool because it greatly helps in the removal of spills and stains.

For spills, it can always be immediately used to absorb excess water. For stain removal, it can be used for the gentle application of detergent upon the affected carpet area. You need to take note though that when it comes to your carpet, you should always use clean cloth at all times.

  1. Brush

A brush is also an essential carpet cleaning tool. You can use it to effectively remove any dirt that got stuck in your carpet.

  1. Vacuum

It is imperative that you use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis if you have carpeted floors. It is simply the most effective way to clean a carpet. As mentioned earlier, carpeted floors need to be vacuumed at least twice a week with the exemption of those that experience heavy foot traffic. Those need to be vacuumed at least every other day or often. Maintaining a regular vacuum schedule will ensure that your carpeted floors last for more years. Reaching out to professional cleaners like Boas Carpet Cleaning will make it last longer all the more.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is very handy when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance. It is effective in keeping your carpet looking and smelling fresh in between professional cleaning sessions. You can use baking soda on your carpet in the following instances:

  • in case of soilage – baking soda can be applied directly to the soiled area
  • deodorizing – baking soda can remove nasty odor off of carpets, especially jute rugs.
  1. Cleaning Detergent

It is also important that you have a gentle cleaning detergent for your carpet. Vacuum cleaning will not suffice as there is some dirt that only a gentle cleanser can fully deal with. You don’t always need to buy one. You could choose to use your current laundry detergent. Take note though that you need to mix it with lukewarm water before application.

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