Choosing A Window Cleaning Company

Window cleaning may sound like a simple affair for many, but it is a very big deal for commercial buildings, especially skyscrapers. There can be various windows and spots on windows that require working at heights, and thus, only professionals with good equipment can clean them.

In this article, we look at the things that you need to know while choosing a window cleaning company:

The Reviews

You can either visit the window cleaning company’s previous clients, or research online to see their reviews. On the other hand, you can open the company’s website and see the type of content they have there- good brands put a lot of helpful articles in their site to present themselves as thought leaders. Social media is also a goldmine for knowing the actual experiences that customers have with a firm.

The Method Of Working

The way of working can affect the price and the effectiveness of the cleaning. You see, companies can deploy their workers using lifts, ladders, scaffold, etc.


However, these days, there is a trend of using a rope. You should only work with a company with the label of rope access Singapore.

You see, rope access is simply a rope that has been tied to a worker with safety precautions and tied to an anchor point. The worker can move freely around the building exterior to clean the windows, which saves your time, and also the cost. Furthermore, as cleaning professionals are safer and freer than in other methods, they can focus more on the cleaning.

Additional Services

Apart from window cleaning services, you should work with a company that offers building facade cleaning. Facade cleaning refers to cleansing the exterior of a building removing the dirt, dust, moss, and germs and bacteria that have made homes there.

The thing is that exterior window cleaning generally costs more than interior cleaning and most of the money you pay is for the worker to be on heights. If you do facade cleaning as well, you get a clean, sanitized and odourless office building without having to pay a lot of extra money.

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