Effective Ways to Repair a Leaking Tap

A ruined tap can be frustrating and also a waste of money when it occurs more often. It is a common problem to a lot of households that are easy to fix with the help of professionals. There might be less expensive solutions but won’t guarantee a long-lasting result.

So this post walks you through the ways of how to repair a leaking tap and who to hire to do the job. It will deliver more permanent results for any bathroom issue and is highly affordable.

Common Causes of a Leaking Tap

There are common reasons why a property suffers from a leaking tap. Each will require a different level of repairs to stop the disgusting water problem. It includes:

  • Cracked Grout
  • Rusted Doorways
  • Mildew or Mould
  • Damaged Walls

How to Repair a Leaking Tap?

Here is a step-by-step procedure to fix leaking problems in a few hours. First, you must identify where the unwanted water is coming from, otherwise knowing possible solutions is impossible. For instance, when the leak comes from the spout then washer replacement is vital. If it is beneath the spout, you will need a new O-Ring.

Step 1: Contact Local Water Authority

Before starting plumbing work, notify your local water authority first. This is to give you consent to do such a job. It also prevents possible expenses in case something bad happens.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Now that you are allowed to perform plumbing works, collect all the necessary tools for the job. Have a complete tap repair kit before getting started. Additionally, keep the drain fully covered to prevent dropping something into its hole.

Step 3: Safety Measures

Plumbing can be harmful especially in dealing with sharp edges. Hence, wearing safety gloves and goggles would protect you from potential dangers. It also guarantees the best possible results.

Step 4: Switch Off Water Supply

This is the first step to start repairing your leaking tap. Once it is finally turned down, you must release water from the pipe until it reaches a lower level. It will then show where the leak is so that you can proceed to the next step.

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Step 5: Unscrew Tap Button

First, detach the handle and then use a spanner to remove its body and spindle. Do it slowly to prevent any injuries. Get a shifter to pull off the spring inside and there might be some water coming your way. If so, it indicates that the leaking is coming from the O-Ring. The water won’t be that much so wait until it is emptied.

Step 6A: Changing a Washer

Know what type of tap you own and read the instructions on how to replace it. Get rid of the damaged washer using a screwdriver and then put in the new one. Afterwards, you must secure the valve in place. You may add some lubrication to easily put it back together.

Step 6B: Changing a ceramic disc valve tap

First, remove the cap and then loosen the valve to remove. Inspect the damaged ceramic disc valve and clean it, or buy a replacement, whichever is necessary. Install the valve once again and check if it works.

Step 6C: Changing a Valve O-Ring

Follow the same steps and then replace the damaged O-Ring with a new one. Make sure it is secured before turning on the water tap.

Step 7: Testing

Reinstall the handle and turn on the water supply. Open the tap and see whether there is any leak and if none, the repair process works.

Why Hire Shower Repair Professionals?

Though a family member can easily fix a leaking tap, you can choose to hire an expert who has the knowledge and skills to do it. This may demand additional charges but will deliver a more certain outcome. Companies are accessible almost everywhere so that you can easily get in touch.

The following are the advantages when you plan to hire shower repair experts:


The cost to repair a leaking tap varies depending on the level of damage. Most companies will provide a quote for transparency with no hidden expenses.


Repair services are available for both residential and commercial needs. The quality of work is sure at a competitive rate.


They are skilled workers who know the basics and also the complicated things about shower taps. The company will be equipped with proper materials for the job that you can trust.

Experts are also familiar with the dos and don’ts in dealing with a leaking tap. They guarantee a lesser time to complete the job and can bring permanent solutions.

Faster Results

With the help of a repair expert, you can expert for a quick result. There will be no second-guessing and the repair process will commence right away. It will benefit households that much.

Shower Repair Services We Recommend

Finding a leaking shower repair company can be hard if it is your first time facing such kind of trouble. Considering the above factors will lead you to the right choices. And also, the best people can deliver the most reliable steps for shower repair.

There will be no delays as the staff immediately responds to your request. They can think of the finest solution to stop any leaking issue. A maintenance schedule will be arranged for aftercare purposes and to assure the best operation in the long run.

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