How To Choose Your Outdoor Daybed

When it comes to updating your outdoor space you can’t go past an outdoor daybed. A daybed is the ultimate luxurious outdoor piece. You’re family and friends will love relaxing on your patio all summer long. These items are the statement piece of any outdoor living space so you want to get one that is best suited. There are many things to consider before purchasing your daybed. Keep reading to see the factors you need to consider before you buy.


The size of your day bed is arguably the most important factor you need to consider before purchasing. Start by measuring out the width and length of your patio or the area of the garden you would like to place this. You don’t want to purchase a daybed only to have it delivered and realize it doesn’t fit into the space. This lounge item mustn’t over power the space. This item should complement the space and enhance your outdoor living area. As well as measurements, take photos of the patio. When visiting the showrooms for your new piece, show the experts these photos as they will be able to give you their expert opinion on which style is best suited to you.


It’s extra important to have durability particularly if it is going to be living outside. This is important as your outdoor furniture is exposed to different weather elements and does not have the same level of protection your indoor furniture gets. When choosing your outdoor daybed choose one that is made from a solid material so it doesn’t get blown away on a windy day. You don’t want to look out the window only see it flying across the garden causing damage. Another important factor to remember is to make sure you’re choosing a material that doesn’t rust. Steel is a great option as it’s a heavy material that won’t rust when left outside. If you’re going to be placing cushions on your daybed make sure the pillowcases are designed for outdoor use so they are water-resistant.


As mentioned in the durability section the weight of your outdoor daybed is really important. Not only so this can withstand windy outdoor conditions, but also so it can hold the number of people you would like it to. This is something that many people forget to think about when they are making their purchase. Speak to the experts in the showroom on how many people ideally you would like your daybed to be able to accommodate. Let them know if you are wanting this for yourself or if you have a larger family who will all be wanting to play and relax on this at the same time.

What Canopy Style to Choose

The canopy of your daybed is an important factor to consider. Daybeds in a wide variety all with unique features for you to choose from. Make sure the canopy of your day bed is water-resistant. If the material is too weak it will let the rain through. If it’s heavy rain the amount of water may even break the canopy. Our favourite style of the daybed is the ones with a retractable canopy that can be taken down when you want to enjoy the sunshine or put up to get some UV protection from the sun on boiling hot days. Make sure the structure and design of the canopy will be able to block out enough of the sun’s UV that you require.

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