How To Clean, Organize And Declutter Your House

A clean and open space in our house is something we all want. But in our hectic life schedule, we end up owning a lot of stuff we never use. So, it’s high time we opt for de-cluttering to clear out spaces from our houses and our minds!

It may feel quite overwhelming at the start, even more, if you have a lot of junk lying around you. But worry not; this article will guide you throughout your cleaning journey. Start with small steps like taking out 5 minutes of your time every day to de-clutter or separate unused materials for donation. De-cluttering is an art, and we would help you master it.

De-cluttering can have a lot of benefits, starting with ease of mind, and you actually find out stuff easily. It is a big task, but it doesn’t have to be painful.

Why You Should Consider De-Cluttering Your House?

Here are a few benefits of de-cluttering:

  • Clear mind. Cleaning out spaces can have a positive effect on your mental health. It would be so comfortable to work in our own house. You can finally stop worrying about the big pile of clothes sitting on your sofa for so long.
  • Finding stuff easily. When you de-clutter your house, suddenly finding your stuff becomes so easy. You remember where you kept those sunglasses, and reach out to them immediately. Your life becomes easy.
  • Easy to clean. With fewer objects in your house, it would be an easy job to clean the remaining items in your house. You don’t have stress over cleaning anymore, a task that you don’t like that much. After all, “Less is more”.
  • Financial freedom. I know shopping is fun. But you can save a lot of money on the things you can actually use rather than spend on that expensive bag. Material things would only hold you back.
  • Finding time to do things you like. With a clean and de-cluttered space, you can pay attention to greater things in life. Go join a book club, or sign yourself on a marathon race. Life’s more than just cleaning your house all day.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of de-cluttering your house, the next obvious question would be, “Where to start?”

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Steps To Organize And De-Clutter A House

Well, look no further as we are here to assist you with your house de-cluttering. Here are a few steps to get you going on your cleaning spree:

  • Prune on the Regular: Try to cut off the extra stuff that you don’t need. It may be hard at first to get rid of them. Start with easy, detachable items that won’t be hard to discard. Once it gets easier, level up with your de-cluttering. Designate separate baskets for donations and for discarding.
  • Keep Surfaces Clear: Doesn’t the thought of things lying everywhere makes you icky? Clearing out your workspaces would not only help your work you productivity but also an overall positive mentality. De-clutter anything unnecessary from your desk and keep it tidy. Staring with messy power chords in the background to lying papers around. For example, a compact power socket with many power outlets would do the job. It would keep all the chords in one place and fit perfectly in a small corner. Ultimately, a clear space will make you happier.
  • Think Before You Buy: With the upcoming online shopping portals, mindless shopping has become a hit. This eventually leaves us with unnecessary materials, cluttering us again. Reckless buying is pointless as we discussed before in the benefits of de-cluttering. Chocking down things to buy in a list would solve this problem. We don’t need everything that we see in the market.
  • Detach Yourself: We have become a slave to our material things. We are so attached to them that it becomes hard to discard them when needed. You can start by discarding things with less emotional attachment to them and increasing step by step. A friend of yours can see that from an objective point of view and can help you better with your de-cluttering.


In the end, no matter how hard it may seem to get rid of your favourite possessions, the joy felt after clearing out your space will be different. The freshness of your house would open up several rooms of happiness for you. By including simple things in your house to organize stuffs like a compact power socket or a two-in-one cupboard you can easily organize the scattered objects in your house. Just like Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and an author would say, “Keep only those things that spark joy.”

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