How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Now that the warm weather is upon us, it’s time to turn your outdoor living space into that backyard sanctuary you’ve alway wanted. Update your outdoor chairs and table for a fresh new look. Choosing your outdoor furniture can be a tricky process as there are many factors you need to think about when deciding what to get. In this blog we’ll assist you by pointing out the main factors you need to think about before you start purchasing. Get ready to create a space that you and your family will never want to leave all Summer!

Comfort is key!

If you’re wanting to get as many hours as possible out in the sunshine then investing in comfortable outdoor furniture is key. Start researching brands with great reviews. Visit your favourite stores and start trying out pieces for yourself. Make a list of key items you need before you start shopping. Make your seating area extra comfortable by purchasing outdoor cushions that have water resistant covers and can withstand the outside elements.

How areYou Going to Use your Outdoor Area?

There is a wide range of outdoor furniture available on the market so it can get pretty overwhelming. Take into consideration the size of your garden space and how you would like it to be used. If you love entertaining with friends and family, make sure you have a big enough table and enough chairs to host everyone outside. Purchase a portable heater so you can entertain long into the night. If you’re wanting to use your outside area as your own private sanctuary then invest in an outdoor lounge chair where you can curl up with a good book. Whatever pieces you choose, make sure you don’t go overboard by purchasing too much furniture and cluttering your space.

Size and Proportion

Take the time to measure out your space before you purchase anything. Taking photos and measurements can be extremely helpful during the shopping experience. Ask advice from the experts, showing them a visual of your space will be extremely helpful. If you have a smaller space select pieces that are smaller and more compact so it’s proportionate with your garden. If you have a larger outside area don’t be afraid to get larger more oversized furniture to really make a statement.

Consider the Materials

It’s important to think about the materials your furniture is made out of before committing. Make sure you’re looking at pieces that are durable, portable and easy to care for. Take into consideration which materials are best suited to the climate and weather conditions. Keep in mind certain materials such as stainless steel can get extremely hot when left in the sun so make sure you have a cover on this before letting your guests sit down. Timber furniture is best kept in a cool dry area. If left out in the sun may cause it to crack over a period of time. If left in the rain your timber furniture will become mouldy and damp. Think about where your home is located. If you’re in a windy area stay away from lightweight materials that can blow away causing a mess in your garden. Always plan which furniture is best suited to the different areas of your patio and outdoor area.

If you do want to leave your furniture outside throughout the year this will require a lot of maintenance. Our advice is put your furniture in storage during the months you’re not using them. Cover the items as this will ensure your furniture remains in good condition for longer.

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