Is Hvac Air Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

One of the most common tasks of home maintenance that receives a lot of attention is cleaning the air ducts in your heating system. Intuitively, it seems like a logical maintenance activity, but it may not be as easy as cleaning your sewer system, or even as simple as simply repairing sanitary facilities.

Let us examine the problem: should you clean the sewers regularly or should you only clean them once or twice a year, if at all?

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Why Routine HVAC Duct Cleaning Isn’t Needed

While dry cleaning should be checked and cleaned regularly, no independent organization recommends cleaning the air conditioning system. Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended cleaning sewers in most circumstances, but only as needed – not as a requirement.

No study has conclusively proven that particulate matter pollution in homes with dirty air ducts is increasing. It was also found that sewer cleaning has never been proven actually to prevent health problems.

Sewer cleaning is useful when it is dirty and infested with mice and other vermin, but the fact is that it is not necessary in most cases. Sewer cleaning is not necessarily a bad idea and can be useful when done properly, especially if the sewers are dirty or infested with mice or other vermin. When mechanical components of the air conditioning system have come into contact with the air, signs of visible mould growth can be detected.

If the sewer is so dirty that cleaning is necessary and the probability that the sewer is in poor condition is low, it should be cleaned. Those who are frightened before – and after – photos of their channel can secure a big discount coupon.

HVAC Cleaning Services includes:

HVAC Ducts

No tools or access are required and can even be sealed with a built-in plate – in the access plate on the side of the building or even in the basement.

Grills and Diffusers

The utility network was removed, visibly cleaned and the air grille at the side of the building, in the middle of a parking lot, was restored to its original position.

Furnace Plenums

But, according to a recent study by the University of California, San Diego School of Public Health (UCSD), it is not really necessary.

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Furnace Components

Check the humidifier drain tray, remove and install the fan motor and check the air conditioning, air conditioning, fan, ventilation system, etc. Remove the fans and motors and install them in the same place as the original fan and air filter.

Clean the evaporator coils and make sure that the cooling coils are visibly clean and the drain tray is cleaned and properly emptied.

Furnace Air Filter

Be prepared to pay about $500 to $1000 for professional sewer and HVAC cleaning, and you could more or less rely on that.

Duct Cleaning Scams

If you hire someone who promises you cheap (a $50 house) and conducts a sales pitch based on the fact that it wasn’t done right, you’re hired. They even falsely claim that the EPA recommends sewer cleaning, which they do not recommend, and claim not to do so themselves. The problem arises when sewer cleaning is not carried out properly and causes serious health and safety problems.

Caution should be exercised when selling goods that pose as contractors, often found with a packet of coupons in the post. They can try to charge you for sewer renovation or sewer cleaning, and if they work for you (often on commission), they will try to sell you their sales techniques at a high price.

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