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Seeing clearly a long distance ahead of the car is vital, and that’s what standard high beams are for. They project a large amount of light to areas more than 50 meters away. Not so much lighting is needed directly in front of the car. If an obstacle appears there, a vehicle travelling at 100 km/h or more has no chance of stopping, regardless of the driver’s skill or the strength of the brakes. In uneven terrain or on a farm, the situation is different. Although these situations prevent high speed, more caution and attention are required when driving even at a moderate pace. This means that more light is also needed immediately in front of the vehicle. The trail (if there is one at all) may be littered with potential hazards such as deep potholes, sandy areas, or tree stumps that need to be identified as soon as possible. SuncentAuto’s car LED interior light bulbs are designed for such situations and come in different profile versions.

Powered Exclusively by LEDs

As their names suggest, all of these lamps use LEDs as their light source. This brings a number of advantages, of which the smaller size is one of the most important. Halogen or xenon headlights, which offer a similar level of brightness, are much larger and heavier, making them extremely difficult to fit onto the short, thermoplastic bumpers of modern cars. It takes a huge amount of effort to ensure that the lights don’t emit an uncomfortably jittery beam due to constant vibration. In addition, installing massive lights in front of the radiator will not improve the appearance of the vehicle. Flat light bars, on the other hand, are often considered a design improvement.

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For 12 and 24-volt Batteries

When it comes to combining harvesters and tractors, the design is obviously much smaller. Even here, however, bulky lamps can leave less space for other accessories or obstruct the driver’s view of them. A big advantage in this industry is the compact design of LED lights. What’s more, they are robust enough for use in even the most demanding conditions. And one problem often encountered by those looking to add additional LED lights to commercial vehicles does not apply toSuncentAuto’s new one: they can run on both 24 and 12-volt batteries.

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