Landlord Should The Difference Between Gas Safety Certificate And Cp12

New regulations will be introduced in April 2018 to amend current gas safety legislation; the change, regulations for gas safety (installation and use) (change) 2018, provide more flexibility when lessors can finalize the Gas Safety Certificate London without losing the current expiry date. Under the current system, some landlords are encouraged to wait until the last minute to perform gas safety checks so that they do not lose the current certificate for about a month. Performing gas safety checks at the last minute can lead to access problems, unavailability of trained gas-safe technicians, etc.

New Rules About The Importance Of Gas Safety Checks

The changes coming into force on April 6, 2018 allow gas safety checks to be performed on their current certificate up to two months before the expiration date, while maintaining the same expiration date and month for the following year. This means that there is absolutely no excuse for not performing the legally required gas safety check. By not shortening the annual life cycle of the current gas safety certificate, lessors are encouraged to carry out last-minute safety checks.

The new rules are not a way to ease or circumvent the need for a gas safety certificate London, but to give landlords the flexibility to meet their legal obligations by giving landlords more control over when to have the checks carried out while still in be able to “get their money’s worth” for their current certificate. An engineer registered by Gas Safe has visited you and it is time to issue you a gas safety certificate. But what exactly is the value and what is CP12 certificate?

What Is The Difference Between A Gas Safety Certificate And Cp12 ?

There is no difference – they are actually the same.

The documentation produced by the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI); CP stands for “CORGI Proforma 12”, the product code for the landlord certificate was the original name of CP12 certificate

CORGI was the British authority for gas safety issues until the Gas Safe Register scheme took over from 1 April 2009. This is where the name ‘Gas Safety Certificate’ comes from.

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What Is A Cp12 Certificate?

Every landlord who rents out a home must have a landlord gas safety certificate, as this is a legal document. An engineer registered by Gas Safe comes to a home to check all gas appliances and pipes to ensure that tenants are safe and protected against gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

How Long Does A Gas Safety Certificate Last?

The certificate is valid for 12 months, after which a landlord must hire a technician registered by Gas Safe to perform the necessary checks on the gas appliances and pipes of the house.

What Does A Gas Safety Certificate Contain?

A qualified and reliable gas safe registered engineer enters the following data on the certificate:

  • Engineering data: he / she will record his / her name and Gas Safe Register ID number. The engineer then signs this as proof of confirmation of the legislation
  • The date on which the gas safety check took place
  • The property address where the certificate is being verified
  • Details of the lessor: the installer needs the name and address of the lessor as a contact point
  • An inventory: the engineer takes note of every device and every flue of the property, along with their locations and conditions
  • Any problems noted by the technician during the check: if corrective action is taken, the technician also takes note of this
  • A statement complying with the gas safety regulations (installation and use) 1998 Tenants must receive a copy of the certificate within 28 days after the inspection or before they move to the premises.

Note: Landlords must keep the certificate for at least two years.

How Can The Landlord Obtain A Gas Safety Certificate Or Cp12?

One of our accredited registered gas-safe engineers can visit your property every year, check your devices, provide you with valuable safety information and issue you a gas safety certificate London so that you comply with the law with minimal effort. Easily choose from a one-off check and service or an annual review with our specialized landlord (this can also include a carbon monoxide test, boiler services and unlimited 24-hour call outs) today because Landlord Property Certificates always provide a quality and reliable services.

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