Some Ideas To Get A Birthday Cake That Is Light On The Pocket

In these tough economic times, it is increasingly difficult to justify the surging costs of expensive birthday cakes custom-baked by a speciality cake store or bakery. Especially if the cake is for a small child, who would not necessarily appreciate the additional styling and cost on their special day. Use these alternative ideas and techniques to bake one from scratch or find a cake that is the talking point of your next gathering without leaving a hole in the budget with this collection of professional birthday dessert alternatives.

Order The Cake For Birthday Online

Ordering cakes online can significantly make an impact on the overall budget that you have assigned for the birthday cake. Place an order through online cake delivery in Gurgaon services and get the cake and the delivery made right at your doorstep. This way, you save up time, money and other resources while getting the guarantee of a professionally baked dessert at budget-friendly pricing.

Cupcakes Instead Of Cake

Cupcakes are another great option, providing a different type of birthday dessert while in turn offering guests a fun dessert. With bakeries offering a variety of cupcake options, from tower displays to actual cakes constructed from rows of joined cupcakes, the mini cakes are now a real alternative to the standard dessert.

Whether you choose a plain sponge cake or go for something slightly more exotic, chocolate, mud, fruit or ice-cream cake, you are sure to have several guests who will not partake. Purchasing multiple cakes is an unnecessary expense when you can make multiple batches of cupcakes to meet a variety of tastes. Create a batch or two of regular white sponge cupcakes for the kids and some beautiful, magnolia style chocolate cupcakes for the adults to be the toast of the party. There are a variety of candles, toppers and character pull handles specially designed to be used with cupcakes to give an added touch of professionalism.

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Decorate An Inexpensive Store-Bought Cake

With some quality cake toppers, candles, and a little bit of icing, a regular and inexpensive sponge cake purchased from your local store can be transformed into a stunning birthday party centrepiece. Cake toppers featuring your favourite characters or scenes are generally less heavy on your pocket and are the easiest way to add some ‘pizazz’ to any cake. If your intended recipient has a fondness for humour, thousands of custom candles range from listing primary age to depicting humorous scenes that will not break the budget.

Now Some Ideas For Budget-Friendly Cakes

Do not forget about the cake; the spongy layers that hold up the frosting are just as crucial as the creamy filling. Maybe a cake creation was quickly discarded by unhappy guests due to dry layers. The flavour of the cake is also an important aspect of it. In fact, using a very distinct variety, such as lemon or carrot cake, may be off-putting to a majority of the party attendees while some people enjoy it. So unless such a flavour is preferred by the birthday boy or girl, make sure you pick a cake flavour that pleases all.

When in doubt, stick with chocolate. More specifically, keep to the classics: a sheet cake covered in chocolate frosting is sure to go quickly as kids and adults alike will be snatching up pieces in a hurry.

Explore other types of cakes beyond the traditional sheet or round two-layered variety. Cookie cakes can be a great option, especially for larger parties. Now that most of the larger grocery stores also offer their own cookie cakes, these speciality birthday desserts are no longer an expensive alternative and can be a fun change of pace. Ice cream cakes, a long time favourite, can offer the best of both worlds as some vendors even feature hard cookie crusts. Frozen yoghurt pies or cakes can offer a lower calorie, equally delicious option and a change from the typical birthday dessert.

Whatever the type of cake selected, it’s important to remember that there really is nothing more important than the cake for some guests and birthday boys/ girls alike.

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