The Best Way To Get Council Approval For Tree Removal In Victoria

Trees sometimes need to be removed, for various reasons – the tree might have grown too big for the yard, or it might be dangerous. A storm may damage the tree, and you might be worried that the limbs will drop and damage your property, or you are just planning to build something else on your property, and the tree is in the way.

Tree removal is not as simple as you might think. Victoria has strict rules and regulations around saving trees, and you may need to get a permit before you can get your tree removed. The permission varies according to the size & type of tree and the area you live in. For many reasons, some types of trees in Victoria, some are protected by these regulations.

Requesting Tree Removal Council Approval

The first thing to do when you are starting the tree removal process is to talk to your local council. You can get all the information you need from them – the types and sizes of trees that require removal permits in your locality, and how to apply for a tree removal permit.

When applying for permission, you may need to measure your tree. You also need to identify the type of tree and sketch your property to let them know where the tree is located.

After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by council members. A council officer may come to inspect your tree. Once approved, you will get a permit in writing.

Good Reasons To Remove A Tree For Council Application

If your reason for tree removal on a permit application is because it is dropping too many leaves, blocking gutters or drains, too much shade on the yard or it is ugly, then you have basically no chance of getting approved for tree removal. The council will reject your application without even considering it if the reason isn’t sufficient.

A council’s priority in Victoria will always be the tree, and they will always try to save the tree first.

Here are the two best reasons to get council approval for tree removal:

Dangerous: This is the best reason. If a tree is hazardous, the council is always concerned about the tree, but they also don’t ignore the danger of human life. If you mention on your application or notice that if anyone gets hurt or killed because of this tree is dangerous, the council will be responsible for that, and it should be enough to get the go-ahead to remove it.

If it is a dangerous tree, it should be removed. If you have kids who play in the yard near trees, you can mention that, as no one wants to endanger kids. Even if the tree is slightly leaning, you can mention that too.

Dead: If a tree in your backyard has died, you do not need approval from the council to remove it. However, you should not knowingly poison your tree just to get rid of it – it is illegal. Just know you can remove the tree if it is dead.

The final step is hiring professionals to perform the tree removal service. Doing it yourself can be very risky. If you are looking for tree removal services in Melbourne, contact Same Day Tree Works. They efficiently work with any type and all sizes of trees.

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