The Importance Of Professionally Installed Av Systems

Throughout the world, we’re seeing more and more companies merging, so event and meeting planners often feel there’s no need to get an external company for AV installations. And businesses such as hotels, who get a commission when using in-house companies, push for this approach.

However, with less competition, service, and consistency can go a long way for such businesses as they can take a back seat.

Hiring an outside AV company can save you time, money and energy. In this blog, we’ll explore this more closely.

#1: A Single Point Of Contact For All Events

So, you’re hosting six cross-country events in different hotels, or any other venue, over a period of, let’s say, six months. You might need to speak to different people, you’ll need to research each company, learn their processes and styles of working and explain every detail of your event six different times. Each time, praying nothing goes wrong.

By hiring a single, external company, you won’t have to worry about conflicting work processes or quality service. You’ll have a dedicated AV expert who understands exactly what it is you need and who’ll be able to delegate teams to your tailored needs seamlessly. It’s simply because they know the crux of your event. They know each speakers requirement as well as how to install the entire AV for your function.

#2: Consistency In Look, Feel And Branding

SO you’ve planned a publicity event, your backdrops, digital signage, stage equipment and lighting is in check. The launch goes well as expected. Perfect. What happens, if more than one company is handling AV installations? The likelihood that you have different set-up at different venues is high.

A consistent set-up can only be perfectly achieved by an AV company which guards your need like a precious jewel. You’ll have the same installation throughout your events.

#3: They’ll Use Top-Quality Products

It’s crucial to remember that not all equipment and brands are the same. Some speakers and TV monitors don’t sound or display equally. It can make it that much more difficult for you to select the ideal brands and models for your business or function. Expert AV installers will help with this. Because they know and understand what works best, they’ll be able to guide you get A-grade products to enhance the audio-visual experience in your retail store or event.

They can select and install residential and commercial AV systems you can’t second-guess. And if you’re somewhat familiar with brands like Sony, for your specific needs, they can recommend the ideal methods for either entertainment or presentations.

#4: They Understand Acoustics

Your floorplan, the way speakers, displays and wiring all play a role in how the installation will be done. For example, restaurants and retail stores have higher ceilings and are most open-planned. If AV installations in these businesses are poorly carried out, the acoustics is a disaster!

An electrical company with expertise in audio-visual systems and installation will ensure that speakers are placed in the right place so that they produce clear and even sounds – no matter your business location. When it comes to displays, they’ll be placed in visible areas at the right angle for patrons to view, watch sport or read digital menus easily.

#5: Easy Use Of Av Systems

A professional company can install as many speaker and monitors as you please in a single space (like in TV stores). The best part is the ability to manage all your AV systems from universal control. No one has the time to run a business and have to run around controlling what plays here and what’s being viewed elsewhere. Managing your AV should be simple!

Professional audio and video installation can enhance your business or events entertainment and presenting experience. Going this route will ensure that wiring is impeccably installed, lighting works with the setting, that there’s crystal clear sound and you have high-definition displays.

Our team at Copper Electrical has an intuitive ability for AV installations and other electrical systems. We can handle all your wiring and lighting needs per your requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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