Tips for Removing Your Carpet

When you’re handling a carpet removal project, you need to be extra careful. Any slight mistake could ruin the floor, which you need after the removal. Besides, carpet removal is risky, as you could easily hurt yourself without proper precautions.

Do you loathe your current piece of carpet so much? Are you ready for carpet removal at any time? Then this article is for you to read. Here are some tips to have in mind during carpet removal:

Have the Necessary Tools and Protections for Carpet Removal

Handling a carpet removal project is definitely not a life-threatening process. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take necessary precautions. It’s important that you consider all of the protective wear such as gloves before you begin to work. Staples used in the installation of carpets can hurt you badly if you don’t take care. Also, if you’re prone to allergic reactions, then make sure you have a mask on. The old carpet is most likely going to have enough dust to trigger allergens.

In addition, you’ll need to have the right tools for the job. This is perhaps why many opt to hire a professional carpet removal company. Some of the tools you shouldn’t forget include a utility knife, which you’ll use to cut pieces of the carpet. You’ll also need duct tape to tie tiny pieces of the carpet that you have sliced, so that they don’t roll off. These are just some of the tools you’ll need, depending on where you intend to start the process.

Cutting the Carpet to fit is challenging

Typical rooms rarely take a box shape that has perfect straight walls. If you are cutting carpets to fit these rooms after removal, you might need to refer to how the former one was.

Therefore, it’s advisable for you to take pictures or videos during carpet removal as a guide for the next installation. This is if you are using DIY methods. If you’re hiring a carpet removal company, then that’s a different story.

Also, you need a bit of skill to cut perfect sizes. And cutting itself isn’t the hardest part of installation. Remember that you’ll have to stretch it to achieve that ideal and aesthetically pleasing look. Leave the job to the pros if you’re unsure. At the very least, carpet removal is easier than installation.

Carpet Removal Isn’t All About Ripping It Up and Throwing It Out

People often believe that when you’re removing an old carpet, you don’t have to care how you do it. That you simply rip it up and throw it out to the curb or the dumpster. This is not entirely the case. Since you’re looking to guard the floor, you can’t simply rip the carpet up without observing some care.

For hardwood floors, conducting careless carpet removal is even riskier, and could damage the floor completely. This should be a matter of great concern to you, especially when you intend to maintain the floor after the carpet removal project.

Even when you’re pulling up the carpet, it needs some level of attention to detail. The staples could hurt you badly, especially when you’re not wearing gloves. If the carpet was installed using glue instead of the staples, you’ll still not escape the hustle, as you have to scrape it off. But experts say scraping off the glue is more involved than removing the staples.

Once you’re done with the carpet removal, now comes the job of dealing with the subfloor. You’ll have to inspect it and make sure that there’s no damage. Otherwise, it’ll ruin your plans of installing a new carpet. If it has any damages, it’s advisable to repair it first before installing new carpeting or flooring.

Do this before Carpet Removal

Before you begin the process of carpet removal, try and talk to your installer. He or she will share what you can do when you encounter any unusual situations during the removal, and any tips that could make the carpet removal project simpler.

The installer may also have enough information on what you can do with the old carpet, instead of recklessly dumping it outside. If you can’t get the city to pick up the carpet after the project, then rent a dumpster or contact a carpet removal company. They can pick up rolls of carpet together with the regular trash. However, if it’s in bulk, then fill up a 10-yard dumpster and have them come and haul it away.

Also, before you begin the carpet removal project, ensure that the floor is clear of any items. What will give you the most trouble is furniture and electrical appliances, due to their bulky nature. Start with one corner of the room when you commence the project.

Final Thoughts

The tips above will go a long way in carpet removal. Embrace them and see how well they work for you in your next project. However, there’s always an easier way of hiring a carpet removal company.

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