Tips To Protect Your Roof From Snow And Ice Damage

We have so much to think about and because of which we might forget to think about immaterial yet the most significant issues. When winter approaches towards us all that we can think of is the enjoyments that we want from this season like having ice cream, wearing cool winter clothes and many more. Our mind never goes to the problems that might ruin the winter fun that we planned to have. The main problem amongst all is our roof getting damaged from snow and ice and same happens with siding in harsh winter. This becomes a major concern for people.

Roofs are very sensitive to ice and snow especially when there is heavy snowfall. Properly maintained roofs might bear some extra amount of weight for a considerable amount of time. But keep that thing in mind that you never know the amount of snowfall that will happen. So despite a properly installed roof, you won’t be able to control the roof damage. Melting of snow called thawing or snow getting freeze again called refreezing both contribute more to the damage.

Thawing can invade your house. When the snow melts on your roof either because of the warmth of your house or when the sun pops up which will leave your roof being watery and if you have not much-maintained roof so the water might enter your house too. In case of snow refreezing, the ice may get piled up on your roof which can lead to gutter collapse if it falls on the gutter.

To save yourself from panicking at the last moment when your roof will get completely damaged because of ice. Follow some tips and enjoy to your fullest in winter. Read some tips below.

Maintain your roof consistently:

Roof not being properly maintained is the primary cause of the damage resulting from the snow. It can become your worst nightmare if because of lack of maintenance your roof breaks from any side and heavy snowfall happens. Just imagine in what condition you would be in. Consistent roof maintenance helps in making the roof rigid and ready to face situations like heavy snowfall.

Use a roof rake:

To protect the roof from damage purchase an aluminum roof rake which should have wheels or a graphite blade is also preferred.  The long roof rake will be of great help in removing the snow without climbing up on it. You have to remove the snow through a roof rake after every snowfall to stop the snow from being stuck there.

Box Fan:

At leaky spots in the roof, you need to use a box fan there. Leaky spots lead drips coming in. All you have to do is find the leaky spot by climbing up to the top room or the attic and place the box fan near the leaky spot. This is a temporary solution. After the snowfall repair it as soon as possible

Roof inspection:

A roof inspection can be a great help. Best roofing services by professional or a licensed roofer is provided in many places. Through roof inspection you will get to know if there are any missing shingles or any loose holes in the roof. It is way better than bearing extra costs after the snow damage has been made.

Create a channel in the ice:

Take a long stocking and fill it with a substance for melting ice. Make sure that the stocking is resistant. You can use calcium chloride for melting ice as it has a property of preventing ice build-ups. Place that stocking over the edge of the roof. Place as many as possible. The stockings should be perpendicular to the roof for the salt to easily melt the ice.

Install heating mats:

The most important thing that one can do to stop the roof from getting damaged from snow is to stop the snow being piled up on the roof and for that a heating mat works. The heating mat is used for heating up. If installed it will help in melting the ice and snow which will automatically help in ice not being piled up on the roof.

Clean your gutters:

When your gutter is not clean it might create higher chances of piling up debris in the gutter resulting in causing a problem for water to flow through the down sprouts which may rot the parts of the roof by being soaked in it.

Trim nearby trees:

People having long trees near their house should trim them before winter arrives because if the small branches falls down in the gutter, it can block the gutter causing hindrance for the water from roof to flow down.

It’s best to follow some tips and take precautionary measures rather than panicking at last time. You have to take care of the maintenance of the rooftop the whole year. Just keep this thing in mind that damage cost is always more than the maintenance cost. You need to do it before heavy snowfalls damage your whole rooftop and ruin your winters.

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