Top 5 Fall Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

With winter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare for the frigid months. Do you wonder how to keep your high-quality real estate in optimal shape? Or which tasks to add to your checklist in the coming weeks? We’ve got all the answers for you right here. Stick around to find the top 5 fall maintenance tips to prepare for winter.

Top 5 Fall Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

1. Clean the Gutters

During fall, it’s not uncommon for trees to shed their leaves. This debris and other dirt and grim can pile up on your roof and spill over to the drainage system. When that happens, it can clog your gutters and prevent the normal flow of water. In the fall, it might not seem like a big issue. But come winter, melted ice would increase the volume of water on your roof and could lead to damage. Thus, it would be wise to clear your gutters before the temperature drops.

2. Check Smoke Detectors

Fall is the perfect time to check your smoke detectors and ensure they’re in order. It’s a simple chore that could mean the difference between life and death. Thus, it would be best if you considered taking the time to ensure all your alarms are in good working condition. If you have a smart detector, your task should be more accessible. You can quickly check for updates on your phone. Although, if you don’t have a digital alarm, you can manually test it. Ensure that you replace the batteries if need be.

3. Inspect and Repair the Roof

Before winter rolls around, grab a ladder and inspect your roof. The last thing you want is an emergency call to fix a leaking roof in the dead of winter. Carve out some time to evaluate the top and look for leaks, holes, and broken shingles. However, keep in mind that this task comes with measurable risks. Thus, it might be best to let a professional property manager handle maintenance tasks.

4. Repair Damaged Walkways

Repairing damaged walkways can be a tedious task, but it’s certainly one you should complete in the fall. When winter rolls around, water that filters in the cracks freeze and expand when they melt. In the process, they make the hole bigger and cause more damage to the walkway. After a while, you’ll notice that your path is full of unattractive and inconvenient potholes. Thus, filling up minor cracks with concrete or a similar sealant is worth it in the long run.

5. Do Some Landscaping

Finally, prep your property for winter by doing some landscaping. While winter might not be the best time to show off your prized lawn, you still want to get in some work before the warmer month come along. Thus, you can start by trimming the grass. Applying some fertilizer to lessen the winter blow is also a good idea. This tip will make it easier for your grass to revert to its vibrant green colors when spring arrives.                                                  

3 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Weatherproof your Pipes

One of the best ways to prevent frozen pipes is to weatherproof them. Considering that this solution doesn’t cost much, it’s a clever fix for something that could lead to severe damage. Although insulating all the pipes in the house would be a good idea, some rooms obviously require more priority. The ones in the attic, basement, crawl spaces, and garages are more vulnerable to the cold. Thus, it would help if you considered doing those first and insulating them better. It could even be one of your shared fall maintenance tasks.

Seal All Leaks

When too much cold air gets into your house, it can make it harder for you to keep your pipes warm. Thus, it would be best to inspect the home and seal all the leaks. That would make it easier to keep all the warm air in and cold air out. You might have to use caulk around the windows and doors, which are more likely to have air spaces.

Keep the Tap On

Lastly, you should consider keeping your tap on a drip if the temperature in your area has dropped considerably. A broken pipe could be a costly repair, mainly if it results in some water damage. Thus, spending a few extra dollars on your water bill might be worth it. The running liquid prevents the pipes from drying out and freezing, saving you more trouble in the long run.


With these top 5 fall maintenance tips to prepare for winter, we hope you can prepare your house for the colder months. Clearing gutters, fixing the roof, and repairing walkways can be tedious. Thus, it might be wise for you to consider outsourcing these tasks. If you have a property manager, they can easily hire local contractors to prepare your house for winter.

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