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The real estate industry has seen drastic changes in the past few years by virtue of new technologies. And the pandemic has accelerated those changes by creating a need for improved and digital ways of marketing. The real estate business is highly competitive, and everyone wants to perform their best to gain maximum clients and profits. In such a situation, you need to develop new and unique ways of marketing to generate more leads. There are many ways of marketing, but you need to be unique and creative with your work. Since buyers think a lot before selecting real estate agents, your innovative work can gain customers’ attention quickly.

The work of real estate agents consists of listing real estate properties, showing houses, using financing options, making real estate marketing plans, etc. Each of these areas needs rapid innovation. To help you with it, we have enlisted below the seven unique and creative marketing ideas that you can use for your real estate business.

Top 7 Unique Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Business

1. Create Real Estate Videos

Video marketing has become the trend in 2022 for all industries, and real estate is no different. The agents who endeavour to follow the latest trend in the market should opt for a video marketing strategy. Videos attract more clients than listings and photos. Videos let you highlight the impressive features of the property. And making marketing videos is not a mammoth task either. You can do so with the help of professionals or using tool such as a real estate video editor. Such video editors have many templates and features that let you create great videos with ease.

2. Use Images from Google Satellite

Using imagery from Google Earth is a unique and creative way that you must utilise as a real estate agent. To execute this, you just need to go through the database and find the names of people looking to sell their houses. Then filter out the sold, active, and pending properties from the list. After that, you can find out the addresses of the relevant properties using Google Earth and record your screen to make a video. You can upload the video on your website/blogs. Besides, you can mail it with property details and valuation updates.

3. Send a Personally Branded Magazine

Sending professional newsletters or branded magazines is another unique and creative marketing idea that real estate agents can use. A quality publication, including image, contact, and business information, makes an effective marketing strategy. It is because it adds value by providing reliable and entertaining details. Moreover, it keeps you at priority by regularly sharing the information in the recipient’s mailbox, thus fostering the relationship. In addition to that, such mails have more staying power as people usually do not delete them.

4. Create Blogs

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Publishing a blog is the heart of digital marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective way to create enduring content that magnifies leads and boosts the reputation. By bringing out the blogs on the website, you can share the information, which you find more fruitful for sellers and buyers. You can also create content, such as places to visit, the best restaurants in the area, or other interesting items, attracting potential customers. In short, share the content that you think people would like to know or are trending. You can also embed your videos in your blogs. You can make the videos more engaging through the real estate video editor, impressing the audience to gain leads.

5. Use Superior Quality Photography

The real estate listing can’t get completed without using high-quality images at times when the significance of the videos is increasing. Photographs play a vital role in the property business as we look for photographs first while searching for any property. The property with high-quality images gets sold earlier than those without images or low-quality pictures. You can surely hire a professional photographer to click the best photos of the properties to attract more and more customers.

6. Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Social media is one of the best platforms for advertising as people spend a lot of time there. Hence, you can use it for your real estate marketing too. Instagram and Facebook have ads pages, where you can see ads related to different websites and businesses. You can also plan to show ads for your real estate business. To make the best and most impressive ads for your business, use the real estate video editor and highlight the best points of your business. Nowadays, Facebook Messenger Ads is one of the most trending platforms to promote your services. Here the customers just hit a click on the displayed ad, which lands them on your website or lets the customers start a one-on-one conversation with you.

7. Sponsor Housewarming for your Clients

You can sponsor housewarmings for your clients as part of your service. You must also attend those parties because the occasion exemplifies your work as a real estate agent. Sponsoring housewarmings will positively impact your client base. You will be able to gather enough praise for your work. Moreover, your client will introduce you to other guests around. If any of them are looking for a property, you will get more clients. The guests may contact you in the future by looking at your current great deal. In addition to that, you can plan a small promotion of your business on this occasion or distribute your business cards.


Online marketing methods constantly change with time, and you need to stick to these ever-evolving strategies. There are several digital mediums that real estate agents can use. This article has discussed some unique and creative marketing ideas that real estate agents can use and make their property business more profitable.

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