Turkish Citizenship by Investments

Turkish citizenship by investment has become easy. Buying real estate at a price specified in the law is sufficient for naturalization. Besides being a wonderful country, Turkey also attracts the attention of foreign citizens due to its location. The modern life, economic comfort, warm climate, and beautiful nature here make Turkey a center of attraction. Nevitaint provides professional support to people who want to continue their lives in Turkey and, at the same time, benefit from all rights through citizenship.

The company, which has years of experience giving importance to customer satisfaction, has branches in many cities of Turkey. In addition, it ensures that online sales are possible while purchasing real estate. It allows you to buy the house of your dreams without wasting time and money ever coming to Turkey. Consultants help you find and buy modern, decent homes that fit your budget.

Real Estates Eligible for Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2022 Guide - Investo Global

Acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment is enough to buy real estate worth four hundred thousand dollars. This way, you can now enjoy the state’s rights to all its citizens. The real estate you buy can be a house, apartment, villa, or farm. All the options the consultants will offer you are primarily suitable for citizenship. Real estate on which detailed research is conducted that is not mortgages or debts is provided to you. There is no obligation to stay here for a certain period of naturalization. You do not need to be here even when buying your home.

The consultants conduct Turkish citizenship by investment. With a power of attorney, you will send your transactions shown here while you work in your own country. It attaches importance to transparency and informs you about every transaction. It allows you to visit real estate with video call methods before purchasing. The real estate you buy in Turkey, a constantly developing country, is also an excellent investment. Nevitaint participates in new and decent projects in Turkey, where the construction industry proliferates. It helps you to invest in these projects efficiently from https://www.nevitaint.com/buyer-guide/turkish-citizenship-by-investment/.

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