Vaping CBD – Try these Before Starting Vaping

Many people opt for vaping to get rid of their conventional smoking habits. This involves inhaling aerosol or vapor and exhaling it out, which is safer than smoking nicotine-heavy cigarettes.

In fact, if you use vaping with CBD products, you would notice a better health condition as well. Research materials prove CBD is useful for stress reduction, cognition improvement, relaxation, and pain relief.

However, while people switch to vaping to stop smoking, there are other alternatives available as well. They are healthier alternatives and provide noticeable benefits, too. In this article, you would find some of the useful products before opting for vaping.

1. Dry Herb Vaporizing Options


As a beginner to vaping, you should choose dry herb vaporizers. Buy mods that are made for dry herbs, CBD Vape Oil and concentrates. Select the cartridge/tank carefully, and use a 3-in-1 model before switching to hardcore vaping products.

Also, CBD edibles are useful. But, if you have not tried vaping before, the edible versions can give a stronger influence than you would need. So, in case you are planning on trying edibles before vaping, wait between each portion.

The effects kick in slowly but strongly, so it is safer to wait around an hour for the first one to work.

2. Select the E-Liquid Flavor Carefully

Before you begin vaping in earnest, you should choose the main e-liquid carefully. Menthol and tobacco flavors are suitable for first-time vapers, and the taste is subtle.


If you are a cigarette smoker, these flavors feel similar to the conventional taste you are used to. So, try these e-liquid flavors using best CBD vape pens before going for other stronger vaping options.

3. Tinctures

You can opt for tinctures with CBD or THC content before switching to e-cigarettes. To note, most of these options come in different strength levels. So, ask the seller first about the concentration and try low-intensity options first.

Also, like the edibles, you should take them in small doses. The effects appear slowly, so measured doses are safer for the first try.

4. Transdermal Patches

The patch type of product acts slowly when it comes to releasing the combined cannabinoids. However, it directly delivers the benefits of CBD, CBN, or THC into the bloodstream.

The application of this product is simple; so, before vaping, you can try this instead. Plus, you can put the patch on and wear your clothes on top, giving the necessary privacy.

5. Control the ‘Draw’ of your Puffs

In the case of vaping, the act of inhaling is similar to regular cigarettes. However, one does not need to inhale the vapor into the lungs directly. This is complex to differentiate and attempt at first.

So, you should experiment with the number and intensity of the intake in small draws. Keep the vapor in your mouth for some time and then inhale it completely.

In case you are using a vaping atomizer, take in a smooth long draw instead of sharp short ones. During vaping, the water vapor-like component carries the fine nicotine particles which absorb into the blood vessels. So, keeping it in the mouth for approximately 5-6 seconds would allow it to enter the bloodstream properly for beginners.

Experiment with different techniques of inhalation before beginning to vape regularly. Also, stick to nicotine e-liquids with a low-level setting.

6. Buy Pod E-Cigs


You should buy the right kind of pod-cigs before beginning the vaping process. These e-cigarettes work with a cartridge or pod instead of a tank. Those completely new to vaping have an easier first-time experience with these options.

The pod e-cigs come in automatic or button-based options for easy application. There are the main two types; pre-filled and refillable pods. The former options have a simple makeup and contain a full e-liquid amount. These are discardable after use.

On the other hand, the refillable pods come with space where you have to buy and place the cartridges separately. These take more work to maintain, but you can keep reusing the e-cigarettes.


You should opt for disposable, box-type, or pen-type models and avoid mechanical mods as a beginner. They have better flavor and create bigger smoke clouds. However, they are difficult to operate and better for users with the vaping experience.


Before you start vaping regularly, carefully check your options and research the pros and cons of each. Start with simpler options like nicotine patches and then low-intensity vape pens. After getting some practice and knowledge of the vaping process, you can choose the stronger varieties.

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