What Does A Commercial Demolition Contractor Do?

What Is A Commercial Demolition? 

A complete or partial removal procedure of hotel, official buildings, shopping centers, and other unwanted properties or commercial structures are known as commercial site demolition. Commercial demolition takes place due to many reasons. One reason for commercial demolition contractors Vancouver are for creating parking space and for business relocation. Demolition may sound like an easy process as it just knocks down the commercial structures within a few seconds, but it involves a great deal of attention and consideration. One paramount to demolishing a commercial site, especially when harmful substances like asbestos are involved, is following safety protocols and assessing risk beforehand. Demolition of a commercial site is completely different from a residential site demolition. The main reason for the difference is that the former is done on a large scale, requiring heavy-duty machinery, equipment, and potential explosives.

How Commercial Demolition Takes Place? 

Permission is required from local government authorities, including an asbestos removal specialist. Commercial demolition is done after completing the task of risk assessment by professional demolition experts. They will analyze the whole process and will inspect for asbestos or any other hazardous substance.

Commercial site demolition requires a legal license to undertake the job of excavation, asbestos removal, and usage of risky explosives. A professional demolition company should always be contacted with relevant licenses and experience. The general public, neighbors, employees, or any other person affected by the site demolition is notified about the time frame of the demolition in advance. This type of demolition makes the commercial property vacant, including removal of haulage and nonstructural job.

What Does A Commercial Demolition Contractor Do? 

The demolition company performs the following task for completing the commercial site demolition –

  • Considering exclusive zones and securing the demolition area.
  • Adequate access to roads, walkways and checking as well as ensuring public safety
  • Taking safety measures and implementing them in the public places where demolition work is taking place
  • Removal of debris and setting up debris system to prevent them from building up
  • Remove utility services, including water, power, and gas, from the demolition property and remove all the lines completely.
  • Preventive fire risk plans are implemented.

Commercial Demolition Planning 

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Demolition of a building requires more rigorous planning than any other demolition project to avoid collateral damage in the future. A commercial contractor performs the appraisal of the structure to inspect whether hazardous substances like asbestos are present or not. They consider the roads around the building that is to be demolished to determine the correct method of demolition. Demolition contractors prop up the building with scaffolding (temporary structures) so that the building to be demolished and the adjoining structures don’t collapse suddenly and cause injury to the passer-by.

Proper Training And Planning 

Commercial demolition requires proper training of skilled workers equipped with special tools and equipment and operators who can skillfully manage the highly flammable chemicals. Proper planning is mandatory to ensure the safety of the public and the workers since it is a precise job.

Commercial Demolition Project 

In commercial demolition, the entire project is divided into smaller stages that will be finished in succession. The stage requires removing each level starting from the top to the bottom level in sequential order. If the commercial structures are removed at once while demolishing, then the fallen levels’ weight may hamper the surrounding buildings. Commercial buildings require heavy machinery and even explosives to complete the demolition process.

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