Septic Tank

Thousands of households in the country regularly need it. With the most common septic tank structures, there is a real risk of overflow and overflow. This occurs when the flow of wastewater exceeds the absorption capacity of the septic tank. For that reason, make sure to find the best septic system pumping company Breslau. Most often, septic tanks overflow with soils with lower water permeability. Therefore, in the presence of such threatening septic tanks, a precipitate is built up to the fecal reservoir and the treated water is discharged into a flood field. The function of the structure is to ensure the successful absorption of wastewater into the soil.

Pumping and cleaning septic tanks at low prices

You can rely on the help of our qualified teams in Sofia and the country for any activities around drainage, pumping and cleaning of septic tanks, as well as tips for their proper use and daily maintenance. Plumbing specialists will provide an on-site inspection at your request and will offer you options to deal with the unpleasant problems around your packed septic tanks. Our state-of-the-art equipment will drain your septic tanks quickly and qualitatively by pumping excess sewage with a special car and pump at competitive prices.

Types of septic tanks

Septic tanks vary in volume, characteristics and permeability. There are septic tanks with one or two chambers. They are rarely used with more cameras, although they are most recommended for homes where consumption is high. In septic tanks, wastewater averages up to 3 days. The heavy elements in the water remain at the bottom and are anaerobically purified and then precipitate themselves. Fats of any kind (e.g. from cooking) usually come to the surface and form a foam.

With the most widely used septic tank models, there is a real risk of overflow and overflow. Such an overflow occurs when the wastewater flow exceeds the absorption capacity of the well. Most often, septic tanks overflow with soils with less permeability and rocky terrain. In that case, you will need a septic tank cleaning company periodically.

There are also so-called septic tanks. They are used mainly for single-family homes and villas. They have a total volume of 1 to 6 cubes. They are usually made of high-quality polyethylene. Their advantages over classic pits are:

septic-tank.jpg (628×354)
– monolithic structure and 100% water resistance

– smooth walls and easy to clean

– service life over 20 years

– suitable for underground installation in a lawn or pedestrian walkway

– possibility of installation of overflow pipe if necessary

– introduction of bacteria to reduce sludge

– the possibility of additional upgrades and any extensions

– more hygienic and sanitary

Make sure you secure your cleaning on time and have it checked regularly. You can obtain our contact information from Tupalo and ProfileCanada. We are here you help you at anytime.

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