Why Choose Michigan Landscaping Pros

Cutting Edge Property Maintenance is the company to call if you run a business in Downriver MI that needs landscaping work done. This family-owned business expanded from a modest lawn care company to a full-service commercial landscaping firm and is conveniently located in Flat Rock. Owner Luke Tamsen personally guarantees that every customer receives one-on-one attention and personalised care, which is why they continue to receive repeat business. They can handle anything from weekly grass cutting to more extensive landscaping. You’re welcome to start small and give them a try. You’ll be glad you did it once you see how wonderful your home looks.

Sturdy and Inexpensive


Cutting Edge always provides free consultations and estimates so that you may make the best decision possible. A lawn care specialist will meet with you one-on-one, or you may chat with them over the phone or on the computer if that’s more convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with their landscaping services because they are reasonable and budget-friendly. Their landscaping crew is known for coming on time and completing work within the agreed-upon time frame. Your daily routine at home and work will not be affected. Repeat customers regularly remark on how well they’ve done their jobs and how beautiful their homes are. Cutting Edge Property Maintenance is the number one lawn care business in  Commercial landscaping Downriver Michigan

A Unique Touch

Why Choose Michigan Landscaping Pros

If you’ve ever dealt with one of the larger, big-box lawn care firms, you’re well aware that they prioritise quantity above quality. They may or may not arrive on time, are frequently pricey, and overlook details such as grass clipping removal and razor-sharp lawn edging. When you call a family-owned business like Cutting Edge, you’re getting owner Luke Tamsen’s guarantee that the work will be completed according to your specifications and deadlines. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a lawnmower, weed whip, or snowblower. While their pros take care of your lawn, you may stay inside and rest.

Premium Quality Landscaping

Your property will always require spring and autumn cleanup throughout the seasons in Michigan, no matter what time of year it is. Summers have been scorching, and winters have been brutal, doing devastation on your home. Cutting Edge will save the day by offering the best lawn care, snow removal, and landscaping services available. That’s why they’ve been voted Downriver MI’s best commercial landscaping company. Their lawn care experts are courteous and competent, and they are eager to answer your questions and assist you. They’ll also provide you advice on how to effectively maintain your home and build up a weekly or monthly maintenance routine to keep it in good shape. When you call them, you can get the greatest service possible, including on-time promises, economical packages, and the most knowledgeable professionals available.

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