Why Choose Royale Touche Laminates

Do you want to renovate your interiors and make them look more expensive and posh? You should surely choose laminates as they are one of the most affordable decorative materials that can revamp your spaces. Royale Touche laminates offer a wide range of colorful, patterned, and textured laminates that will suit your varying needs and preferences. Our stunning designs and beautiful finishing will make your space appear classy and luxurious.

What Are Royal Touche Laminates?

Laminate sheets are surfacing materials used in floors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, or wall paneling for aesthetic purposes. They are incredibly durable, cost-effective, and require low-maintenance. Royale Touche laminates have an entire laminate catalogue that offers different patterns of laminates, including high-gloss laminates, matte laminates, PVC and acrylic laminates, digital laminates, unicore, chalk, and marker grade laminates.

Why Should You Use Royal Touche Laminates?

  • Low Maintenance – Royale Touche decorative laminates can effectively keep dirt and dust away. It’s very easy to clean and sanitize them as they are scratch and stain-resistant. As a result, they also need less repair and maintenance costs. Unlike wooden laminates, decorative laminates can be installed very easily, saving you extra bucks for installation.
  • Durability – Laminates produced by Royal Touche have a sustainable and long lifespan. We manufacture high-quality laminates that are successfully scratch and stain-resistant. They do not curve or bend like ceramic tiles or other surfaces. Our sheets are incredibly durable and last almost up to 15 years. Where good-quality wood like teak and mahogany is very expensive, Royal Touche decorative laminate sheets are knot only long-lasting but cost-effective.
  • Diverse Options – If you are using Royal Touche laminate sheets to design your work or personal spaces, then it will definitely save you a few extra bucks. Laminates are used as alternatives to premium wood or stones, only that it comes at an extremely affordable price. The ultimate product we provide looks rich and luxurious and lasts for years.

We Offer a Wide Range of Product

Laminate sheets are available in many varieties and can be used for different purposes for home and office applications. Their functionality depends upon the needs of the customer. Royal Touche Laminate is one of the best laminate brands in India as it can offer such a diverse laminate catalogue for you to choose from. Matte laminates, high-gloss laminates, metallic laminates, high-pressure laminates, and antibacterial laminates are some of our most recommended laminate sheets.

Customize Your Space with Royale Touche Laminates

Customizable laminates are best to use in your house if you have distinct needs for an unusual background or difficult surface. Different laminates are suitable for different surface areas. Royal Touche is considered the best laminate brand in India since we provide laminates that can be used on furniture, doors, countertops, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

We Help You Renovate Your Kitchen

Everyone loves to cook an appetising meal for themselves and their loved ones in a refreshing kitchen space. Most apartments these days have open kitchens and the backdrop of the kitchen contributes a lot to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the living room. With the age of modular kitchens, laminates are even more widely used to cover cabinets and countertops to establish an overall colour scheme. Royale Touche laminates provide you with both matte and gloss laminates that you can use in your kitchen. Matte laminates are great for lower cabinets as they are scratch-resistant and high-gloss laminates are suitable for upper cabinets as it is easy to clean grease and smudges from them.

Get a Contemporary Office Space

An office should be appealing enough for an employee to feel at home and yet work productively. The background and aesthetics of an office can often determine the productivity of our business. Modern offices have small cubicles with trendy desks and cabinets. Decorative laminates from Royale Touche Laminates can help you create an attractive interior for your office. You can choose several abstract and textured laminate designs from our laminate catalogue and create a unique office space.

Redecorate the interiors of a Commercial Building

Commercial spaces like a spa or a salon require a calming ambience to provide the ultimate relaxation to the customers. The interior of such places plays a significant role in providing an authentic luxurious experience to an individual. You can always use our textured or landscape laminates to create a beautiful calming background inside your message or mani-pedi saloons.

Royal Touche laminates can not only provide you with numerous options for decorative laminates, but you can also contact us for a helpful consultation. So many choices of laminates can definitely be overwhelming for a lot of customers. However, we can always help you understand your requirements better and guide you to choose the proper laminate for your interiors according to your needs.

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