Walk-In Tub

There’s no shame in losing some physical abilities as you age. It’s entirely normal for muscles to become weaker and joints to become stiffer, limiting your range of motion, balance, and overall strength. Even though this is natural and happens to everyone, acknowledging that you’ve lost some of your mobility can be difficult. However, it’s important that you recognize and accept your physical limits in order for you to stay safe. If your mobility has been on the decline, check out these 4 signs that may indicate it’s time for a walk-in tub.

You’ve Fallen in the Tub or Shower Recently

A fall in a slippery tub or shower can happen to even the healthiest and strongest person. However, if you’ve noticed yourself slipping and stumbling when getting in and out of the tub—or when using the shower—more often than normal, this could be a sign of declining mobility. You shouldn’t wait until a fall results in a serious injury. Switch to a walk-in tub and prevent those falls from happening in the first place. If you prefer showering, you can install a large walk-in shower stall, or look for walk-in tubs with shower sprayer attachments.

You Have to Wait for Help

If you have someone in your home that is able to help you with tasks that have become too difficult for you, that is wonderful. But you shouldn’t have to schedule your baths around someone else’s availability. Waiting around for someone to be able to help you in and out of the tub greatly detracts from your independence. While getting a walk-in tub may feel like admitting you’ll never be able to do it yourself again, you’ll appreciate the restored independence and sense of privacy you’ll gain by being able to bathe on your own schedule.

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You’re Afraid to Use the Bath Alone

Whether you’ve fallen before or not, you may be aware of your declining mobility and be afraid of what may happen if you fall in the tub or are unable to pull yourself upright to get out. If you experience anxiety over the thought of trying to bathe with nobody around to assist you, or if you avoid the bath because of these feelings, a walk-in tub can restore a sense of peace and confidence.

You Struggle to Stand from Deep Seats

Have you ever sat in a deep, comfy recliner, then struggled to get back up on your feet? This is a problem for many people as they age, and it can be a sign that a walk-in tub is in order (as well as more accessible and user-friendly seating). If you’re struggling to get upright from a deep seat, getting back on your feet from the base of a standard tub will be even more difficult and potentially dangerous.

If any of the above are true for you, consider investing in a walk-in tub sooner rather than later.

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