Burst And Leaking Pipes Do’s And Don’ts

Burst and leaking pipes have been the bane of many Australian residents for years, and even though they can be overcome, the unexpected reality that often strikes is the worst. Leaking pipes means that water will soon be flowing throughout the house and possible start flooding in different areas causing water damage, soggy lawns, and gardens as well as cracks in foundation walls. Making sure that you attend to burst and leaking pipes as soon as signs show is imperative.

Any major leaks that require the immediate attention of an emergency plumber are relatively rare, however, when they do happen they need remedial services, and quick. Plumbers are there to promptly address plumbing issues no matter how big or small.

Due to the fact that they often occur in pipes hidden behind walls and kitchen cabinets, leaks may not be easily noticed until there is damage. There are a few plumbing actions you can take to avoid major repairs in the long run.

Some Of The Causes Of Burst And Leaking Pipes Include:

  • Worn and rusting pipes that are unable to keep up with water pressure
  • Uncontrolled and excessive pressure and force from water
  • Massive and undetected clogs in the pipes
  • Tree roots

As mentioned, a competent plumber will examine pipes for potential damages as well as existing issues, replace or repair, depending on the best remedy for the issue, damaged sections, and determine whether pipes are able to handle water pressure. They will also provide you with advice and recommendations of what to do to maintain good plumbing.

They’ll also carry out regular maintenance to spot the signs and perform preliminary repairs.


  • Switch Off All Water Supplies

Firstly, make sure you turn off the water supply. If the leak is in the toilet, look for the valve on the side or behind the toilet and switch it off. For leaking pipes, the best way to ensure the water supply is off is by turning the main source off. (The water meter is usually installed outside the home).

  • Examine Exposed Pipes Frequently

If you went and had a look underneath the sink, near the water heater and in unfinished basements, you’re bound to find exposed plumbing pipe. By carefully examining them you’ll be able to spot potential problems before they cause you sleepless nights. Insulating exposed pipes during winter by wrapping them with towels or having a plumber place foam will combat existing issues. During your inspection of exposed pipes, look out for any damp spots and if any are visible or you suspect there might be issues, get in touch with a professional plumber.


  • Keep Obstacles Near Drain Pipes

The purpose of drain pipes is to assist water flow through into drains and to sewers from the different fixtures of the home. They are often installed near laundry rooms, sinks as well as showers and baths. Whatever they are, make sure that there is nothing in the way of the pipes so as to not obstruct their functioning.

  • Use Exposed Pipes As Hanger Rods

Exposed pipes are not hangers. Whether they are near washing machines in the basement, homeowners should never use them as laundry hangers. This can cause them to loosen at the joints and fasteners leading to leakages.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion is normal and as a natural process, you can expect to see it in many different places as well as on different kinds of pipes, particularly old pipes and those unprotected from elements. Soil and water are common causes of corrosion on pipes as they can weaken their structural integrity over a period of time resulting in leaks, bursts and other damages to pipes.

Applying the correct treatments on pipes can protect them from corrosion and by using the correct materials. A word of advice, never ignore corroding pipes as they can eventually burst and cause flooding.

We understand that these issues are some times difficult to spot, this is why it is important to have them, and any other plumbing inspected.

At Kalamunda Plumbing, our water pipe leaking detection services are conducted by our team of experts. They’ll carry out each plumbing job in the safest and most effective way possible. Call us for expert services.

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