Why Wallpaper May Be Better Than Paint

While it can sometimes be a bigger expenditure at the outset, choosing wallpaper over paint may be the best decision in the long run. Here are some of the perks of picking paper.


With proper installation and simple maintenance, high-quality wallpaper can last 15 years or more. In some areas humidity can be an enemy, but in arid regions many papers can still appear brand new even decades after they were hung. While even good-quality paint might begin to chip or fade in just a few years, wallpaper may hold onto its luster for much longer. For the most part, simply wiping down your wall coverings will keep them looking sharp. Vinyl papers, in particular, are good for high-traffic areas because they are very easy to maintain. They are designed to be sturdy, and they are often resistant to the scratches and nicks that turn up so easily in paint.

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Although paint is available in any color under the sun, in the end a blue wall is a blue wall. Wallpaper gives you the same rainbow of options while allowing you to bring in not just color but also patterns, designs and textures. It’s true that with effort and expense you can incorporate varied looks into your painted walls, but with paper the design is already built in. With a seemingly limitless supply of options, there is a style of wallpaper suited to almost any room in your home. Whether you would like your family room to be decked out in tropical palm trees or your bedroom walls to ensconce you in muted, serene silk, paper gives you so many more options than even the most detailed paint job can.

Cost Effective

Purchasing quality wallpaper may require more of an initial outlay of funds than procuring paint, but paper tends to be a better value in the long run. Unlike paint that often chips and fades in just a few years’ time, paper is more durable and does not need to be replaced very often. You will typically spend less money over time by not having to buy paint and supplies, or hire a contractor, for repainting a couple of times a decade. Because it lasts so long with relatively simple care, many homeowners find that wallpaper provides a better return on investment.

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Wallpaper can be a smart and beautiful choice when it comes to decorating your home. Its durability and versatility may make it a more sensible long-term investment than painting.

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