Different Types Of Swimming Pools, Repairs, And Renovations

Unlike domestic pools, commercial pools demand more than the normal maintenance to ensure safety and functionality for everyday use. While significant repairs are going to require the assistance of a professional commercial pool renovation, small repairs can usually be done using repair kits which are readily available at a nearby swimming pool supply store. Before you consider swimming pool renovations or repairs, knowing the type of pool you have and the kin of supplies that will be needed for the repairs is important.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools usually get blisters or bubbles as well as cracks as they age. The issues can easily be taken care of using fibreglass repair kits that can be bought at a local marine and boat supply store or via the swimming pool supplier near you. However, repairing fibreglass pools comes with its drawbacks – the fibreglass color doesn’t perfectly match and that will be showing the repair. The most suitable option in this situation is to go for a commercial pool renovation that will resurface the entire pool. Though this option can be cumbersome and expensive, the overall final results are worth the hassle.

Gunite And Concrete Pools

Gunite and concrete pools tend to require plaster repairs as they grow old. Some of the common issues linked to aging in these kinds of in-ground pools include cracking, chipping, hollow spots popping up, and wear spots causing the Gunite below the plaster to start showing through. These kinds of repairs are easy and can be completed fast using the pool repair kit. However, commercial pool renovation may be required where you may consider installing some elements to change the overall appearance of the pool.

Vinyl Lined & Vinyl Pools

Vinyl lined and vinyl pools are very easy to repair and are mostly preferred pools both commercially and domestically. All that it’s required with these types of pools is to spot the crack or leak source and a simple vinyl repair kit will do the fixing. Today, there are some vinyl pool repair kits available that can allow you to fix issues underwater. However, for the majority of permanent results, it’s important to call a commercial pool renovation professional to have the pool water drained below the tear level to allow for complete vinyl patch drying before refilling your pool.

Looking For The Right Commercial Pool Renovation Professional 

A professional will also help in other more severe issues. You must take your time in looking for a reliable commercial pool renovation professional and ask about the estimated completion time for the project. If you notice an issue with your commercial pool before the start of swimming pool seasons, hiring the professional during the cold seasons will help you save money because during this period the workload of these professionals is low. Issues involving plumbing problems, major cracks, and filtration system issues are always best dealt with by the commercial pool renovation company. You may also install a pool cover or add a pool enclosure that will minimize repairs and maintenance to the pool.

Regular Maintenance Of The Pool To Avoid Costly Repairs

The most ideal way of avoiding expensive repairs with your commercial pool is by regularly seeking the help of a professional for pool maintenance. You can also schedule and keep a rigorous pool self-maintenance routine throughout the year, especially for the case of a domestic pool. By failing to ensure regular maintenance, it’s easy to encounter a lot of issues that could eventually lead to very costly and complicated repairs.


Swimming pools are important recreational and cosmetic facilities. They are also costly investments. Taking good care of them prevents expensive repairs and ensures the safety of everyone using them. Whenever you notice a problem with your pool, calling a commercial pool renovation professional will help to save you a lot of money. When it comes to pool renovations, always go for professionals that have years of experience and are equipped with the necessary tools for repairs and renovations. Professionals have all the equipment needed for the job.

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