Tips For Storing And Handling Composite Decking

Composite decking from Deckorum has grown in popularity because it offers many advantages over other types of decking. Some of the benefits include protection from water absorption as well as deterioration from exposure to sunlight.

Despite such characteristics, composite decking boards are still prone to damage when storing and handling them. The following tips should help protect your boards from damage:

Cover The Boards

Though composite decking will be outside, it is best to keep them far away from the harsh elements before installation. The way to protect composite decking boards is to cover them at all times.

It would be best if you never stored your composite decking boards outside where there is still water. Once water and dirt collect there, it will eventually sip into the panels, which will ruin their structural integrity.

Plastic or other waterproof materials are the best ones to use to cover composite decking boards. They will also ensure they do not collect any dirt.

Keep Them Indoors

Whether storing or transporting composite decking boards, it is a good idea always to keep them indoors. Just like covering them, it helps to protect them from the elements which may damage them.

However, keeping them indoors offer more protection than covering them and leaving them outdoors. It protects the boards from the wind, which may carry harmful elements and keep them dry.

There are sheds and where you can put your boards. If necessary, you should build your own or put the boards inside your garage.

Wrap Them Up

Like other types of decking material, composite decking boards are prone to breakage during storage and transportation. One way to avoid that is to wrap them up together.

Just like sticks, composite decking boards are stronger when they are together in a bundle. The weight and strength of several boards combined make breaking them nearly impossible.

If an accident were to happen, for example, the boards were to fall off a truck, they would have a better chance of staying intact if they were in a bundle.

Square Up The Boards

Composite decking boards can also be damaged if they are improperly stacked. Squaring them up or aligning them will help protect them when in storage.

Handling Composite Decking

One way in which squaring up composite decking boards protects them is by preventing damage. If they were to be hit or something heavy landed on them, they would have a better chance of not breaking if they were aligned correctly.

Another way in which squaring the boards protects them is by making it easy to cover them.

Inspect The Board

The only way to ensure that your composite decking boards are free from damage is to inspect them before installation. You need to pay excruciating attention to detail if they are to maintain their integrity.

You should, first of all, check the board quality. If the quality is sufficient, you can check for blemishes or extensive damage to the boards.

You should also check for color variation. Boards of the same type should be of the same color.

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