Do you know what dog daycare software is?

Specifically designed for daycares, this type of software helps them manage their business. These needs are met through a variety of tools, including scheduling, payments, check-ins and outs, and vaccination records tracking.

What are the benefits of dog daycare software?

You can benefit from incorporating this kind of software into your business operations. You can use dog daycare software to:

  • Save time. Your employees and pets will enjoy spending time together more if you use dog daycare software
  • Go paperless. Your data and management systems can be transferred online, reducing your carbon footprint and preventing piles of paper in your office. 
  • Attract customers. Billing and scheduling systems that are organized and predictable are appreciated by customers.
  • Manage your staff. By using dog daycare software, you have automatic access to employee schedules and communication. 

We will go into more detail about these features later in the guide.

Dog boarding software versus day care software: which is better?

The pet owners of your dog daycare business are either at work or otherwise busy in the evenings and weekends. You need to make sure your software system reflects differences between general dog boarding and extended-stay pet boarding services. 

Dog daycares are busy throughout the week, with many dogs coming in and out. Daycare software specifically designed to manage high turnover rates is a good choice.

Additionally, package credits can be managed through the software. You may offer your customers a variety of options for dog daycare, or you may adjust packages to suit customers’ needs. You may be able to accommodate a dog owner who comes in for half-day care three times a week. Dog daycare software can manage these flexible packages and charge automatically for them based on their level.

How to Choose Dog Daycare Software

Your business’s unique needs must be determined.

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Before choosing a pet care software, identify your business’s unique features, as no two are alike. 

When developing your dog daycare software, consider aspects such as staff size. What is the number of employees in your company? Your software company may place a limit on how many employees can be tracked, so you should check.

COVID-19 may also have made contactless operations necessary at your dog daycare. Can the software system process contactless payments, and be configured so that socially isolated students can be picked up and dropped off? 

Consider what your business’s unique needs are before beginning your search. Following an examination of your options, you can determine which option is best for you.

A doggie daycare software price should be considered.

When you start looking for dog daycare software, make sure you have a budget in mind. 

Simply because some software claims to be free does not mean that you can expect to stay at that level for very long. The security of free software tends to be less than that of some paid options. In order for you to succeed, there are not enough features.

You should also ensure that any software you buy will serve you both now and down the road. Ensure your software can grow with your business as you grow. As your business grows, you can easily adapt the pricing model to fit your needs and only pay what you need.

Reviews of dog daycare software.

Take a look at what other people are saying about each program. Visit the websites of the software programs for reviews and ratings, or search on Google and Facebook. 

When selecting a solution, it’s best to go with one that has mostly positive reviews. However, you should take a look at the specific features each solution has. There are usually praises for the software’s:

  • Convenient and effective
  • Effortless 
  • Customizable
  • Intuitive and simple
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