Review, Swatches, And Comparison Of Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder: Banana Vs Cameo

Ladies, today I’m giving you a sneak peek at Ben Nye Luxury Powders (Banana and Cameo). A store on the internet gave me these two lovely things for $32 and they delivered them to me within 15 days of my order. In this review, I will take a moment to explain a bit about these finishing powders.

Setting and finishing powders are makeup essentials. They cannot be lived without. Setting and finishing powders play a vital role in creating the best look when done properly. Powders for setting/finishing can be purchased loose or pressed. Even in Karachi’s busiest lights, I have encountered loose powder only a few times in drugstores. This compressed powder is usually found in compact round boxes and we recognize them by their compact size.

The MUAs and enthusiasts know about the loose powders around here (in Pakistan) but it was my first time trying loose powder after reading countless reviews and swatches, especially on the Ben Nye loose powders. Please do not confuse setting powders with finishing powders before we dig deep into the review and comparison. Finishing powders are applied after all the makeup is applied to give your face a perfect finish. Setting powders help fix the uneven texture of your skin, whereas setting powders help fix the uneven effects of your foundation. Here are some of my favorites:

A matte finishing powder with a neutral tone, the Ben Nye Luxury Cameo is suited for fair to medium skin tones. Besides enhancing the glow of your skin, it can also absorb sweat and excess oil on your skin.

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder, on the other hand, can be used by a variety of skin tones. While reducing blemishes and dark circles perfectly, its matte finish doesn’t leave your face looking gaunt or white in flash photography. It’s not ideal for persons with extremely-fair or fair skin tones at all to use the Banana shade. It better suits light to medium tones or deep skin tones.

An overview of Ben Nye’s Cameo and Banana Powder

Among the most talked-about finishing powders on the internet, Ben Nye Powders definitely intrigued me to try them. You can use Ben Nye’s translucent, finely milled powders both as a finishing and setting powder. Below are the points I reviewed:

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You can’t break your skin with it

You can use Ben Nye Powder to control all the excess oil and sweat on your skin to make your makeup last longer without any damage to your skin. For almost a month, I have been wearing both the Banana and Cameo shades in Karachi, which is usually hot and humid. All the oil and sweat are trapped by this powder after it is absorbed into the skin. This works best with all liquid foundations that are decent to good and prolongs the wear of your makeup.

Shades of Green You Should Choose?

The Cameo Shade is the one to choose if you have fair skin. It brightens your skin while covering the undertones with a pink tint. If you have medium to dark skin, Banana is a great shade to choose as it covers your undertones and gives a natural, yellowish appearance. In my experience, the Cameo shade looks stunning at night while the Banana shade works wonderfully during the day and during flash photography.

Contouring and Highlights

This powder can be used to highlight your face and contour it. When you apply powder lightly on your face, and thickly on your T-zone, you can achieve the finest of looks. It is particularly good for highlighting if your skin tone is fair or light. No matter what your skin tone is, I recommend that you go with the Banan color for highlighting and contouring.

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