How to Decorate with Hamptons style in your home

As the name suggests, Hamptons-style interior design is inspired by the luxe beachside buildings and holiday houses that stretch along the Long Island coastline in New York. From the whitewashed colour scheme to the spaced-out, outstretched furniture, Hamptons-style interior design is that relaxed, coastal feeling materialised. To bring the Hamptons to your place, you’ll need to strip your house of colour—almost bleaching it. In preference to vibrant colours, the colour scale spans only a few notches: from white to pale blue (or green). It is this limited colour gradient that brings a sense of calm, cleansing the rooms of busier designs and colours. If you think seafoam could be your perfect palette cleanser, read on to see how you can bring this tranquil design to your home.

The Whitewashed Foundations

If you’re bringing the Hamptons design into your house, the first thing you’ll need to do is bleach the walls—not literally, but the walls should be white (or, in some cases, navy, duck egg blue, or soft grey). Use a quality white paint to achieve this look. If your walls are already a Hamptons-appropriate hue, consider touching up the paint job. Like teeth, paint can wear and endure chipping over time. Your home’s makeover could be the perfect excuse to hit the Refresh button.

Window frames should look clean or almost surgical. White-painted timber or plain aluminium frames will help your window edge to blend into the walls and/or ‘team with the theme’. Because we’re going for a beachy vibe, your home will ideally have bay windows, plantation shutters, or French doors. Traditionally, this almost greenhouse design allowed for stunning Long Island beach views.

In the kitchen, you will ideally have open shelving, glass-paned doors, marble benchtops, and stools drawn up to an island bench. (Alternatives to marble: white laminates or stone in lighter shades.) Metallic or glass lanterns featuring pendant lights are what make a kitchen Hampton-esque.


I would like my kitchen items blue, thanks.

Working From the Ground Up

Hamptons-style houses feature wooden floorboards in neutral tones—be it whitewash, pure white, or plain timber with grey undertones. Layer it up with a pale blue or green rug (determined by the colour gradient you’ve chosen). Carpet can work, too, so long as you choose textures and tones to ‘team with the theme’. Think sand, driftwood, and other earthy tones to emulate the beach.

Furnish it Up

When furnishing a Hamptons-style house, channel the comfortable yet elegant vibe of luxury resorts. We’re talking glass coffee tables and overstuffed, oversized couches featuring white or linen slipcovers. If you’re a fan of cushions, you can opt for one in pale neutrals or perhaps blue ticking stripes. If we were to capture the Hamptons style in a light source, pendant lights in lanterns of metal or glass (as discussed earlier) would be it. Natural or white-painted timber side tables can also finish a room nicely.


Bega Rattan Chair With Cushion by 1825 Interiors.

Match the Decor!

If you’re investing in some knick-knacks, keep your eyes peeled for blue and white ceramics in light floral, lattice and lace patterns. Opt for pieces of blue and white china, and perhaps with notes of driftwood. For example, Blue Willow crockery would be an ideal match. Seashells and bleached coral can also be a great addition. Not only do these match the colour scheme, but they also fit with the beach theme.

If you’re a fan of cushions, you can use these to your advantage. Decorate your furniture with piles of oceanic hues and fitting textures—such as linen, piping, or jute edges.

Final Thoughts

Your home is what you make it—and we don’t blame you for wanting to channel a holiday house in the Hamptons. We hope that we have provided you with some great pointers to get you started. Remember to keep it to coastal colours—but to be generous with your space. After all, what could be better than arriving home to a sense of serenity? Get Hamptons-inspired today.

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