The Cost of Buying a Boxer Dog and The Difference Between Breeders

If there is one expense that may just be worth every penny, it is that of keeping a pet at home. Depending on which pet you keep, a dog, catfish or hamster, the costs may vary. If it is adopting a dog, specifically a boxer dog, there are various expenses you should be aware of before you bring the guy home.

When you plan on owning a dog, especially a boxer puppy, besides the fact that it will significantly improve your life and your family’s life, financial responsibility must be taken into consideration. Making sure you have enough funds put aside for them is essential in not having any spending problems later on down the road.

The basic cost of purchasing one if you are anywhere in Europe or the USA is between $500 – $2500. The wide price range is due to the fact that it depends on where you get him from. The breeder you pick him up from will make the price difference. Although if you get them from a shelter you may be paying anywhere between $50 – $200. This plus an extra $1800 a year should be enough to look after their needs throughout the year.

Below we look at a few of the most common aspects to budget for.

The Difference Between a Trustworthy Breeder and a Backyard one

Going through our reputable breeder to purchase a Boxer puppy, should be done carefully as there are many that claim they have been checked, vaccinated and have a certificate for them upon initial communication, however, this may not be the case when you pick them up. The expectations that come with a breeder may include their appearance, bloodline, and specific traits, and the pickier you are the more you may end up paying for it.

Choosing a breeder that is transparent with the paperwork and has all the right information regarding the dog’s medical history, the parents and any other background information you need to know is recommended. Even though you may choose a more expensive reputable place, it will be worth it in the end, as ‘backyard breeders’ produce unhealthy puppies and the medical complications they, and you, will have to face is not worth it.

Knowing the difference between a backyard breeder and a reputable one is important. This link has further information on this topic and below are a few things you should be looking out for:

Screening: the majority of the backyard breeders don’t necessarily screen the buyers. Reputable and responsible ones would have the dog’s best interest at heart and as such would make sure the dog is going to a good home and will be well taken care of. The backyard ones don’t care much for the dog itself and don’t do any checks to see if it will be neglected, or abuse at the hands of the owner.

Selling Online: these people usually sell their pets online on websites such as eBay or Craigslist. They are interested in the exchange of cash for the puppy, and nothing more. However, the good people will either have their website or be included on reputable pet websites. They will most often educate their buyers and provide information on health screening and other educational and important helpful information for the pet owner.


Medical Security: when you go to purchase a Boxer or any dog for that matter from a breeder, they will provide medical security with him. This is in the form of a health guarantee contract which is between them and the buyers and ensures the health of the puppies for a minimum of 1 year. The better ones would have a lifetime guarantee if you’re lucky. As a result, in the case where the puppy does suffer any health conditions within that time frame, they can be returned. This helps both the buyer and the seller because then they will know not to include that puppy in their pool.

No Records: veterinary records are an important aspect when choosing a dog, whether he is a Boxer or not. The good guys will have this information on file and it should include the visits to the vet and all information regarding de-worming and vaccinations that have been given between the ages of 6-8 months. This is done to protect them from any possible diseases and health issues such as those mentioned here: The seller can give them these shots themselves, however, the better option is to take them to the vet to get it done correctly.

Return Policy: backyard breeders don’t usually offer lifetime guarantees or a return policy. But the good guys have this option for their customers, and people can return their pet if they are no longer able to provide care for the canine or face extenuating circumstances for instance. This policy is an indication that the breeder cares for his four-legged friends and would rather have you return them than leave them uncared for.

Genetic Testing: this and health guarantees usually go together. The trustworthy sellers will have tested their dogs for almost every possible health condition or defect before they decide to sell their puppy. As genetic defects are a common thing in canines, and more information on this can be found on the Holistapet website, sometimes they don’t show up till it’s too late. Having them tested beforehand ensures you either know what they have or may get later in life so you can decide to still buy them or not. This is a mandatory requirement for all dogs.

These are just a few of the many things to look out for, so always make sure you go to the best people when buying a Boxer.

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