PROS and CONS: Silent Alarms vs Audible Intruder Alarms

In securing the safety of your home or office, you get to choose between having a silent or audible alarm. Intruder alarms are effective because it informs you of any security breach in real-time. This post is perfect for you if you have yet to choose which one between a silent or audible alarm suits your particular needs. This post will inform you about:

  • the nature of silent intruder alarms
  • the pros and cons of silent intruder alarms
  • the nature of audible intruder alarms
  • the pros and cons of audible intruder alarms

After reading this post, you’d easily be confident as to which kind suits your needs best.

Silent Intruder Alarms

Silent intruder alarms are stealthy. They will alarm you when security has been breached but they will do it through quiet personal alerts. Such alerts will not be known by intruders. Intruders will have no idea that you already know their presence and that you’re already calling police authorities.


1. Intruders Can Be Easily Caught

Police authorities always catch intruders of homes with silent alarms because intruders are left clueless as to the owners’ actions. Intruders almost always get caught in the act as they receive no warning whatsoever that police authorities are already on their way. This makes a silent intruder alarm perfect for you if you want your intruders to get easily caught by authorities. A silent intruder alarm is perfect if you have all the intention to find out the identity of your intruder/s.

2. You Can Act Accordingly Without the Intruders’ Knowledge

You will be in full control of your security protocols if you have a silent intruder alarm system. This is because you have the choice to instantly call police authorities once you receive the alert in real-time. You can also choose to observe and check first if there is an actual intruder. Most silent intruder alarms are so sensitive that they send real-time alerts for all the tiniest security breaches involving stray animals and rough winds.


3. No Big Hassle During False Alarms

A silent intruder alarm does not cause a scene. You and your neighbors will not be needlessly disturbed if it will send real-time false alarms because no loud sound alarms will be heard by anyone. This makes silent intruder alarms perfect for homeowners who live in residential communities with strict noise reduction protocols.


1. Intruders Will Still Proceed with Their Acts

Silent intruder alarms don’t blast off so intruders have no clue whatsoever that they’re already being watched. As they are clueless, they will still proceed with what they’re doing with not a care in the world. This becomes a con because they can end up damaging your property if police authorities have a delayed response.

2. Intruders Will Not Panic

Silent intruder alarms don’t blast off loud alerts that intruders can easily hear. Hence, it has no power whatsoever to make intruders panic and be conscious of their acts. This is why Casa Security experts highly recommend a security alert system with video and audio feeds to make silent intruder alarm systems more robust. A supporting video and audio feed will also help in making authorities promptly and speedily act on your report.

3. Intruders Will Not Be Discouraged

Because a silent intruder alarm has no loud warning whatsoever, it also does not have the intimidating function of discouraging intruders. As intruders are not aware that they are being closely monitored, they will easily proceed with what they’re doing. If you don’t welcome such a passive set-up, then a silent intruder alarm won’t be a perfect fit for you.

Audible Intruder Alarms

Audible intruder alarms blast off whenever there is a security breach. They release loud alarms whenever there is an intrusion in real-time. Such a loud alarm blast is heard by you, your neighbors, and the intruder.


1. Scares Intruders

Audible intruder alarms are so loud and scandalous. They are so loud and abrupt that they are actually effective in scaring intruders away. Most intruders immediately run and leave the vicinity once an audible intruder alarm is triggered. This is the most natural reaction as intruders don’t want to get caught and put in jail.

2. Discourages Intruders from Proceeding with Their Acts

Audible intruder alarms are effective in discouraging intruders from doing any additional criminal acts. The loud alarm blast off is effective in getting them back to their senses. Most intruders choose self-preservation overdoing anything risky once they are made aware that their actions are already reported to authorities and such authorities are on their way.

3. Causes Intruders to Panic

Audible intruder alarms are so loud and threatening to intruders. So much so that the immediate reaction upon hearing is always massive panic. Intruders panic so much that they end up not proceeding with their plan and running away in an instant.



1. Can Signal for Intruders to Act Quickly

Some next-level intruders don’t get fazed with loud alarms. So much so that they consider loud alarms as mere cues for them to act quickly and run away as fast as possible. This is why an audible intruder alarm may not be perfect for you if you want authorities to get hold of your intruder/s.

2. Intruders Don’t Get Caught

Most intruders immediately run away the moment the alarm blasts off. This is why homeowners with loud alarms have a hard time having intruders get caught red-handed by police authorities. If you want your intruders caught and penalized, an audible intruder alarm may not be the best fit for you.

3. Disturbs Neighbors

Audible intruder alarms are so loud. So much so that you and your neighbors will actually be alerted once it blasts off. This is not ideal if you live in a residential community that has strict noise reduction policies.

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