Why Is Tree Root Infestation a Plumbing Emergency and What to Do?

Tree roots are very pervasive. They can be found anywhere water flows, making any pipe in your yard or home vulnerable to attack.

An infestation of tree roots is an ongoing problem that needs immediate attention. You may not realize you have a root problem until the damage has already occurred. Or, there may be some pretty apparent destruction caused by roots breaking through your drain line to the point where it would almost be better if they were just inside the line instead of breaking through and causing problems later on.

The good news is that you can take measures to protect your lines, including professional root removal. However, the damage has already been done if you notice roots inside your drain line. Call a plumber for this emergency immediately.

Why You Have Tree Roots in Your Pipes or Sewer Lines

Just like every living thing needs water for survival, so does a tree atop your yard. They get their water from its root system, which can be very far-reaching. The trouble starts when one of these roots decides to take up residence in or around your pipeline.

Since they are so pervasive, it takes less than one foot to find their way into the smallest opening and begin growing. Sometimes, the only sign you’ll get that this has happened is when you realize that things are flowing slower than usual.

The good news is that it takes a long time for roots to spread into an entire system, although they can start to invade smaller entry points pretty quickly. This means that if you have noticed your drain line clogging up more often than before, there’s very likely a root system at play here.

Easy Ways to Identify Roots Growing in Your Pipes

  • Sudden lack of water pressure
  • Slow drainage in sinks, commodes, showers, tubs
  • Drainage that appears to have a mind of its own and then for no apparent reason stops draining
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains or toilets
  • Feet or feet of clay that keeps clogging up your drain line
  • Leaves and other debris in the toilet bowl
  • A sewer smell throughout your home
  • Sewer gas backing up into the sink, tub, or commode

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These are just a tiny sampling of signs that can be indicative of roots underneath your yard. They are not definitive proof, but they are an excellent place to start when you suspect there may be a root problem in your home.

If you notice these signs, try using a plunger yourself if the problem seems localized to one area. If the drain gurgles but doesn’t seem like it will clear up after plunging, it’s probably time to call a plumber for this emergency.

What to Do If You Have Tree Roots Inside Your Drain Lines

If you’ve already noticed roots inside your drain lines, call the emergency plumber immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage it can do to your line, including backing up into your home. If it is allowed to proceed over time, the pipe will be irreparably damaged.

Although roots growing inside your pipes are difficult to eradicate if left alone, they can be removed by a professional root cutter. There are several ways that this can be done without damaging anything else in your yard or house.

Typically, the plumber will cut through the root system and then flush out all of the roots with chemicals designed to kill any plant life they come into contact with. Then they will ensure that not much water can enter your yard because the chemicals were designed to go after plants, but they’ll also help kill roots, which means you could end up with some dead grass.

The best-case scenario is that hopefully, this root cutting will happen without too much interruption of normal flow within your drain line. This keeps them from growing back quickly but doesn’t completely prevent them from returning at some point down the road.

Call a Plumber for Dealing with Tree Root Invasion in Plumbing Lines

Whichever method you select, ensure that it’s a long-term solution for your drain line and not just a way to get around the problem since roots will continue to grow inside your lines if they’re allowed. With regular maintenance from an emergency plumber, you should be able to return to normal function without too much trouble.

So, call today for regular maintenance service. And don’t let those pesky tree roots take root in or near your home’s pipes!

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