Top 18 Best Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Toilet paper was invented in China way back in the 14h century. During that time, the Chinese have been manufacturing around 10 million packages of 10,000 toilet paper sheets every year. Yet, modern toilet paper entered the market in 1857. That is when Joseph Gayetty from New York sold medicated papers for the water closet. 

Fast forward, different parts of the world, including Australia, encountered toilet paper hoarding and panic buying last March 2020. Supermarket shelves have remained empty with such hygiene items for several weeks and months. 

This has made many people think once they run out of toilet paper to use: What are the best alternatives to toilet paper? Let us hear it from the most trusted yet cheap plumbers Mascot residents depend on in times of plumbing crisis.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can fulfil many purposes. One of which is as an alternative to toilet paper. Most of the time, they are more effective than toilet paper.

Banana Leaves

Banana leaves have flexible and smooth leaves making them a perfect alternative to toilet paper. They are also pretty big to cover a lot of surfaces in your behind. 


These are a good source of water that can reach your bottom part while in the toilet. Such a receptacle is even better than toilet paper. Among Europeans, a bidet is a water bath for your bum. 

Bum Guns

In Asia, toilets normally have hoses installed next to a toilet bowl. They are used to spray water to clean your private parts instead of using toilet paper.

Bum Sponge

Do you know that ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick to clean their butts? In the 21st century, bum sponges are great alternatives to toilet paper.

Cardboard Tubes

The cardboard tube can also come in handy in the absence of toilet paper. Grab the roll, tear it in half, soak them in water, then wipe.


A cloth can be a backup option if you run out of toilet paper. What’s best is you can wash them again for re-use. 

Corn Husks

They are one of the earliest forms of toilet paper. Green corn husks are very soft for toilet use. 

Cotton Balls

Most of us carry first aid kits on our bags. There may be some cotton balls or cotton pads inside that you can use as an alternative for toilet paper.


Do you know why it has been an Indian tradition to eat with their right hands? It is because they commonly use their left hands to wipe their wastes in the toilet. Anyway, hands are pretty easy to clean and disinfect. 

Mullein Leaves

Mullein is a biennial plant found in almost every part of the world – Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Backpackers have dubbed mullein leaves as their natural toilet paper. It is because they are soft and woolly in texture.


If you are in a compromising bathroom situation, a newspaper can be a good toilet paper alternative. Unlike other types of paper, they are not abrasive and are great when soaked in water.


After a tiring day of shopping, you end up squatting in a supermarket toilet without toilet paper. Have no fear, your grocery receipts are here for wiping.


Have you ever imagined a sailor or a pirate running out of toilet paper? Well, they will fray the end of a thick rope and dip it in the ocean to clean their bum.

Sanitary Napkin

Menstrual pads are typically made of soft cloth or cotton that can serve as a sheet of toilet paper.


If you are hiking on the mountain or walking in the woods, you can use a handful of snow to clean your butt in case you don’t have toilet paper with you.


Way back in history, the Japanese used sanded bamboo sticks for express cleaning. Yet it is very important to choose a smooth stick or remove the bark and splinters to avoid blisters and cuts.  

Water Bottle

You can use a water bottle like a bidet by filling them up with water to wash.

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