Top 4 Unsettling Facts About Blocked Drains

You can create lots of scenarios just thinking about clogged drains. The kitchen sink filled to the brim, foul odour, grease, dirty water, toilet bowl overflowing – these are just some of the grim reminders that your drain badly needs attention. Most homeowners ignore the issue thinking that the block will simply wash down the drain by itself but do you know that congested drains get worse if left unfixed? If and when this happens, you will need to enlist the services of a blocked drain specialist Melbourne agencies can offer.

Plumbing problems like drain blockage may not only harm your property but may also cause the spread of fatal maladies. Such a negative impact on your health will consequently impact your finances, and worse, if you even attempt to resolve the plumbing damage yourself. So, see how blocked drains can be both disturbing and problematic? If you’re not convinced yet, here below are more unsettling facts about blocked drains.

Facts About Blocked Drains That Will Surely Disturb You

Oils and Fats

Throwing away grease into the kitchen sink is almost always the reason why drains get jammed. They collect in the pipes making the water stagnant. If grease is not removed, the pipe or if not, the entire sewage system under your home will be destroyed. The way to dispose of cooking oils and fats is to place them in a can and stash away in the garbage.

Musty Odours

Stagnant water emits foul-smelling odours that occur once the drain starts to dry up, giving your home a very unpleasant and unhealthy atmosphere. Now, this results in headaches and sickness in the stomach. Spraying some disinfectant around your home will only give a temporary effect but doesn’t remove the smell.

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When the drain is clogged, the wastes in the pipes become a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria aside from the dangerous contaminants that pose a health hazard. This needs an immediate resolve.

Expensive Repairs

Because you are not trained to do plumbing, your do-it-yourself stunt might do more harm than good. Damaged drains are costly to repair, so don’t let the block hang in there for a long time. The sooner you call the specialist, the bigger you save on money and time.

How to Know Your Drain Is Clogged

The signs are obvious – musty smell around the sinks, toilet or tub, flooding because the sink or bath empties very slowly, gurgling sounds when you try to drain, sinks and toilets hard to flush, and a whole lot more. All these should not be ignored. Should any or all of these signs persist, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing serviceman as soon as possible, for your own safety and health.

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