What Are the Best Termite Treatments for Your Home?

If you live in an area that is tropical or subtropical  then chances are you’ll have to protect yourself against termites full stop in many areas it’s not a case of whether you will be attacked by termites it’s a matter of when. this is why it’s important to protect our homes with the best quality termite treatments with get.

Termite Barrier Systems

One way to protect yourself from termites is to install a barrier that prevents the termites from getting into your home.  there are many systems that describe themselves as being termite barrier systems but many of them aren’t actually barrier systems full stop real termite barrier systems like Termimesh wrapped the home in a very fine gauze that prevents  termite incursion into your home. They have to be installed during the construction of the home and with meticulous care and attention to detail, so that there is not the slightest gap through which termites may pass.

The advantage of a system like this is that it is non-toxic and if installed correctly totally preventative. Your home should be forever safe from termites. The disadvantages include the cost of the system and the fact that it can only be installed in new homes during construction. If you already own a home and a looking to protect it then you can move on because this system will not help you

Other termite treatment systems are chemical based and some of these are often referred to as being barrier systems. They’re not a physical barrier but can be thought of as a chemical barrier.

They consists of drilling holes  at roughly 20cm intervals through which chemicals are poured into the surrounds of your home. The advantage of a system like this is that it forms a chemical moat around your home through which termites have to pass if they want to enter your home. The disadvantage is that if they do traverse that moat then you are unprotected. Also there is the issue of pouring chemicals into your environment and whether you consider that something that is acceptable or desirable.

Termite Bait Systems

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The other system that is sometimes referred to as a barrier system is a series of bait stations that are placed around the home to attract and kill termites. We have to stress that these are not termite barries but are sometimes lumped under the termite barrier umbrella. Termimesh is a termite barrier. These are bait systems that form a protective boundary around if installed properly.

There are several versions of this including those by Trelona ATBS and Exterra. The bait stations are installed at roughly 3m intervals. Inside these are attractants for the termites and poisons to kill them. The idea of installing them at 3m intervals is that it is very unlikely for a termite to pass through and beyond without them smelling the delicious  bait. When they eat the bait they die.

The advantages of a system like this are many. Importantly the chemicals are contained within the base station and are therefore inert. They are not released into the environment. The other advantage is that termites will take the food from the bait station back to the colony and can thus kill not just themselves but all the termites in that colony. This offers your home a level of protection that chemical barriers cannot. With the system like this, if a termite moves beyond the system we are not concerned because they will inevitably find the bait or one of their comrades will find the bait and they will all die regardless. Termite  bait systems are not just preventative but can actually remove the problem itself. For this reason this is the termite treatment we recommend most highly.

Termite bait systems are also easy to check. You pop the lid off and can then see what is happening inside. You can see whether you have termite activity, whether you need to replace your bait, or whether you’re completely safe from termites because there are none to be found.

The disadvantage is they need regular checks. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Having a monitored system is great because you’re getting your termite expert to check them. The disadvantage is you have to schedule and maintain these visits. And (with most products) the baits will need to be replaced each year, which is an additional cost each year.

You can get DIY termite bait systems but we’re not recommending these. The cost of your home compared with the cost of expert installation of termite baits is incomparable. The expert will know how and where to install the baits so that you are properly protected. He/she can weigh up elements like timber build up, moisture, concrete and paving (etc) and decide where the baits do and do not need to reside in order to give you total protection. We worked with the Gold Coast Pest Inspector for a recent installation and can tell you that we benefited from his expertise in ways we didn’t expect. From advise on removing some cardboard that had built up to moving a garden bed away from the property, we gained insight as well as having the bait stations installed.

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