Why Should I Hire Patio Cleaning Services?

With Right Way Wash, you get the deepest, most thorough cleaning possible using the latest SoftWash technology. On our truck we transport the whole SoftWash deck and patio cleaning system.

Battery-powered patio cleaning system SoftWash. Cleaning services are performed so quietly that you will hardly notice we are doing them.

We use only water-based, low VOC, biodegradable and bleach-resistant chemicals for our Soft Wash cleaning. We do not require ladders because our system sprays long distances and its pressure is similar to that of a standard water hose. Right Way Wash’s unique and dependable blend of detergents can also meter chemicals and change the flow pressure instantly.

Patio Cleaning: How to Do It Safely

This new power washing technique requires detergents and bacteria killers to accomplish the job properly. SoftWash kills bacteria with low pressure and does not harm surfaces. You’ll be amazed at how clean your outdoor space looks! It takes even less time than a pressure wash to completely remove green or black algae from your patio.

Aside from providing superior results, SoftWash patio washing is also the most effective, fastest, least damaging, and longest lasting method of patio washing available.

Is it necessary to soft wash my patio on a regular basis?

The frequency of Patio cleaning Perth cannot be determined by a universal answer. A lot of times, it should be done each year – often when autumn and winter foliage is left undisturbed.
The patio may require more cleaning if it is in an area with heavy shade, is frequently flooded by storms, receives runoff, or is near a sprinkler system.

Additionally, the finish of the patio and the organic growth might need to be considered. As well as new decks and patios, SoftWash can be used on old ones.

Sealing or staining is not a replacement for SoftWash, but it is the most effective way to clean your home.

Cleaning of bricks and pavers

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Bricks or pavers are typically cleaned with power washers. This is an appropriate method in many cases, but it depends on your goal.

Pressure washing is a great way to remove only surface dirt. These hard surfaces will be cleaned well with hot water and high pressure.

On the other hand, pressure washing is ineffective if it contains algae, mildew, or mold. Using hot water to wash the surface does not render it sterile.

In addition to hot water pressure washing, we offer SoftWash power washing methods as well. It is sometimes necessary to combine both methods.

Other factors such as brick or paver age must be considered when choosing the right cleaning solution. Sealants should have been applied when the car was treated and, if possible, what type of sealer was used. As a final consideration, consider how each treatment will affect the mortar, grout and sand filling.

In many cases, the Right Way SoftWash brick paver cleaning system is the best solution. This method kills bacteria without being abrasive. While most landscapers pressure wash brick pavers, they do not use, or do not know how to apply detergents. In addition, they overlook the benefits of using detergents, including the prevention of algae, mold, and mildew growth, so pressure washing can be wasteful.

Our clients are amazed by how well our process works, and how much longer the process lasts than pressure washing only.

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